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The Weight Is Killing Me

As of today, I am 427 pounds without clothes. With clothes in the usually depressing setting of a doctor’s office, I am 433 pounds. After seeing the new doctor and having new lab work done, I found out my thyroid level was high and that I needed to see a thyroid specialist immediately. The word “immediately” in this new pandemic world feels like a joke; doctor appointments, even just for general check-ups, can go into the next year. My doctor stated that if I ran into an issue, I should call his office.

That office when calls are put in routes them to the care team. I left two messages for the “care team” and didn’t get any word back. Either they don’t care or they are having the same problem I am with booking an appointment within the next few days. Either way – I feel as thou I’m going to have to battle this problem by investing money in a billion different smoothie receipes and low-fat diets of some kind.

The doctor also gave me some medicine to help with some of my issues. I also take Emergen-C as I’ve had a bad coughing fit for the past few days. As a temporary solution when I’m not around that I take a few Halls and put them in my pocket. My gut is basically a medicine cabinet now and half of where I live will be covered in pills and other potions.

The price you pay when you don’t care about yourself and put others before you.

This is my journey.

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