Joe Biden, despite all complaints from Agent Orange, will be the 46th President Of The United States. He is not ideally who I thought the country would choose; Bernie Sanders seemed to have more of the pulse of the people and had an actual personality. Biden, for all his association with the Obama administration, is pretty much a traditional politician. After four years of everything being flipped upside down due to willful ignorance, a traditional politician at this point is all we need to get us out of the one crisis we can’t ignore – The Coronavirus.

When I say the nightmare is over, I’m referring to years of Trump wrecking everything Obama did and offering nothing in the way of a replacement except one that is vastly similar or inferior to what came before. He was more interested in branding his name on our country instead of trying to make it better than what it was before. You can seek to create a better version of yourself or anything else if your being is tied up with a concept of who you are.

Donald Trump by large was a concept; a successful and wealthy rich man. That concept was backed by inheritance, political and business influencers and exploiting America’s obsession with wealth and power (faking his way into Forbes top-Whatever-list for instance). On his own, the man perhaps had no real education regarding business or even how to create a persona as, I don’t know, a real human being.

To some degree I understand how he thinks; if you exist as an avatar then no one can ever really know the real you and what lies beneath the shell. If Donald Trump admitted to being educated, or at least admitted to being educated in a way that is trackable and not a lie, it would mean he would have to take responsibility for his choices. if Donald Trump came across as a real human being, it would mean that people would begin to examine his choice of words, his behavior, with greater scrutiny.

The successful, wealthy rich man from New York didn’t translate well into his new position as leader of the country; he blustered, he boasted, kept jonesing for any kind of dirt on his enemies and loved to be on television for no reason. Years of this kind of thing as the country was falling apart was not bound to sell him as someone re-electable. That fact that he could not perform the job he was somehow elected to do seems to elude his supporters; it was the democrats, it was the liberal media and the triggered.

The failure of Donald Trump getting re-elected has nothing to do with any of those groups; it was him. If personal responsibility is the cornerstone of what the republican party is about, they should work on getting the former president to understand that. Given most of the people who were involved with Trump are trying to erase their association with him or betray his idea of “loyalty”, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.