Trump Is Out, Now What?

I should be glad that today is the day that Donald Trump is leaving The White House. The first thought in my mind as I wake up to write this isn’t however one of relief that former vice president Joe Biden will take over as president along with new vice president and former senator Kamala Harris. The thought in my mind is simple: What the hell do we do now?

This might go against any current thought to always walk the watchtower looking out for enemies of logic, decency, diplomacy and all that jazz, but I think we all need a fucking break from the crack addicition that has become the constant 24-hour internet friendly meme generator that has become our current political climate. With so much at stake, I know that isn’t entirely possible as no one wants to be surprised by plans left over from the Trump administration to further undo the country.

Much like a person who tries to save PTO days for things that considered important, it’s good to remember that having a day of absolutely nothing to fucking do is also important. If your not sure how to do that, just follow the words of Martin Payne below:

Now go back to sleep.