“Cold” – Podcast Review


In times of mass distress and misinformation, you would think the logical next step for some kind of relief from both would be some kind of disposable art that would take your mind off things. Instead of seeking something to get away, I looked for something that could make me present. The “Cold” podcast, which centers around the disappearance of Susan Powell, seems to do just that.

The creator and narrator of the podcast is KSL Newsradio executive digital producer Dave Cawley, who took interest in the case and started working on the podcast in 2015 by collecting public records on the investigation. Part of what makes the series work is that the real case comes across as some kind of Twin Peaks/Twilight Zone episode and the other half is the intricate way Cawley introduces information surrounding the case and his ability to connect the dots.

I would explain what the Susan Powell mystery is all about here, but I’d rather place this photo below this paragraph.

Tell me that doesn’t make you wonder what truth is behind those Colgate smiles.

You can listen to the podcast here and if you have YouTube, you can listen to a playlist of the series here.