Winter Has Arrived In Chicago

Plastered all over the news for the last few hours is the predictable reporting that a snowstorm is heading for the midwest and therefore like every year, Chicago. Due to a temporary shift change, I have to start at 7am for the next two days. Getting ahead of the game, I booked a hotel room in the Central Loop Hotel just off of West Adams street.


Snowstorms tend to mess up Lake Shore Drive and hell most of Chicago. Since I am the first point of contact, it makes more sense to get on top of the snow by arriving Downtown before it happens and then having only a little ways to go to get to work. I’m start enough, at least more recently, to use hotels based off of discounts and already earned points rather than just paying cash (or credit) outright. As this room was $88 dollars a night and not too far from work, it seemed like the perfect choice.

As it turns out, it is.

The bed is comfortable, the WI-FI is fast and the room is not too far from the elevator. There also seems less of an attempt at appearing to be a fancy hotel and more like a comfortable place to get out of the cold. That in turn is what I prefer more anything else.

I may stay another night here somewhere down the line.