This Video I Made Got 10000 Views!

I take my time when it comes to producing content on social media. This means alot of second guessing, canceled ideas and maybe weeks of doing no content at all. Out of boredom and also some inner immaturity on my part, I decided to make this:

This 11 second video took no more than two minutes to make. Perhaps this is the way to make it happen on social media; short videos that don’t require much attention nor take long to put together.

“Cold” – Podcast Review


In times of mass distress and misinformation, you would think the logical next step for some kind of relief from both would be some kind of disposable art that would take your mind off things. Instead of seeking something to get away, I looked for something that could make me present. The “Cold” podcast, which centers around the disappearance of Susan Powell, seems to do just that.

The creator and narrator of the podcast is KSL Newsradio executive digital producer Dave Cawley, who took interest in the case and started working on the podcast in 2015 by collecting public records on the investigation. Part of what makes the series work is that the real case comes across as some kind of Twin Peaks/Twilight Zone episode and the other half is the intricate way Cawley introduces information surrounding the case and his ability to connect the dots.

I would explain what the Susan Powell mystery is all about here, but I’d rather place this photo below this paragraph.

Tell me that doesn’t make you wonder what truth is behind those Colgate smiles.

You can listen to the podcast here and if you have YouTube, you can listen to a playlist of the series here.

Making The Perfect Spaghetti Dinner


Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates.

In place of having a girlfriend, food seems to be the next best thing. It is terrible however to love food in my case as I tend to “love” it too much; love handles, rolls and all the extra make up what my body physically looks like in my early 40s at this point. It’s easy to change that; eat less, eat healthy and just go workout.

In this new pandemic era we live in, outside activities are more of a great risk. Although a walk, a jog, yoga or whatever exercise you engage in would be good for you, you also run the risk of mitigating all of that effort by catching COVID. So what does a person of my age or any age where they can still be active do aside from get a certification in being a tweeting/gramming/tiktoking couch potato?

Cooking seems to be the solution for me. I have a dysfunctional relationship with getting pots, pans, mittens, and a bunch of recipes together as my brain is generally shot by the end of the workday. Weekends for cooking are also seemingly difficult as I don’t really wanna do anything outside of maybe washing clothes and cleaning. The cost of ordering from restaurants and feeling generally limited in options of anything decent makes learning how to cook a more attractive option.

I consider that the more palatable fear for me is not doing it right, but more whether the food I make has a taste. Consider Spaghetti; it’s the simplest of dishes to complete and one where flavor is paramount. Get the pasta, get the sauce, get the pot and the water. Let the pasta cook and the sauce, mix them together with parmesan and you have a dinner.

Well, that’s really all you have; something strapped together to have what is generally considered the third meal of the day. Each time I make spaghetti, it feels like I’m eating a bowl of shoestrings with some seasoning. If there’s nothing else I’d like to learn how to cook, it’s a god damn spaghetti dinner that doesn’t feel like you are consuming air.

I tried this recipe the other night and it had a little flavor, but not enough to be anything outstanding. I will probably research more recipes that give it more fire and sustenance. Given the upcoming snowstorm coming this weekend, I may be too late with being able to do this but it would still be good to have some stuff stored away for when the latest snowstorm stops.

It may be hilarious to think that of all the things I need to consider for my future, cooking a memorable and attractive Spaghetti dinner would be one of them. My aim is to have simple, reachable goals this year that have nothing to do with impressing the greater society and more of making myself more of a whole person. I’ll worry about whether anyone will remember me or even love me latter.

Come to think of it – making the perfect Spaghetti dinner would make me memorable.  

Trump Is Out, Now What?

I should be glad that today is the day that Donald Trump is leaving The White House. The first thought in my mind as I wake up to write this isn’t however one of relief that former vice president Joe Biden will take over as president along with new vice president and former senator Kamala Harris. The thought in my mind is simple: What the hell do we do now?

This might go against any current thought to always walk the watchtower looking out for enemies of logic, decency, diplomacy and all that jazz, but I think we all need a fucking break from the crack addicition that has become the constant 24-hour internet friendly meme generator that has become our current political climate. With so much at stake, I know that isn’t entirely possible as no one wants to be surprised by plans left over from the Trump administration to further undo the country.

Much like a person who tries to save PTO days for things that considered important, it’s good to remember that having a day of absolutely nothing to fucking do is also important. If your not sure how to do that, just follow the words of Martin Payne below:

Now go back to sleep.

One Night In Miami: A Review


One Night In Miami, directed by Regina King and written by Kemp Powers, goes to Marvel lengths to tell a compelling “What If?” story of four giants of black history, Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir), Cassius “Muhammad Ali” Clay (Eli Goree), Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom, Jr) and Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge) who meet on a celebratory day on February 25, 1964 to discuss the cultural and political climate around them. Could such compelling figures and dynamic personalities make for a good movie? Would the actors spend most of their time sending up these historical figures to where they are shown as being exaggerated representations of the real people?

To answer both questions – yes and fuck no.

I imagine one of the things Regina King wanted to do with this adaptation of the 2013 stage play (also written and created by Kemp Powers) was to make each of these representations of the real people be not only worth hearing outside of their historical context but worth listening to as well. I won’t spoil the film, but the script really unravels the layers of these men and perhaps crystalizes why certain moves they made were made in the first place. In a culture currently that is hyper-critical of public figures past and present, the film doesn’t shy away from backing these historical figures to the wall to spill their own truth. This kind of winning combination of brutal honesty, brotherhood and honestly is something that should be shown in history classes that cover these figures to show that everyone who made a difference were more than just what made them famous.

I would like to see this film clean out the Oscars. Although it’s a bit early to declare this, I don’t know of a film in the last few years were I would say that outright. In fact, The Oscars should love this film for its ability to be a stripped down yet compelling piece of acting and a damn good exploration of important figures in black history.

One Night In Miami is available on Amazon Prime Video.