When No One Is There To Drive You Home

On September 15th, 2019, Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the 1980s rock band The Cars. As a child of the 1980s and 1990s, I have to admit to only knowing and liking only one song of theirs “Drive”. It’s a strange song – an existential synth piece masquerading as one of those late night slow jams.

Who’s gonna tell you when,
It’s too late,
Who’s gonna tell you things,
Aren’t so great.

I admit to having struggles connecting with others as I have been a loner for awhile. Man is not meant to be alone, but being with someone is not anything that one can make happen with the snap of a finger. Everytime I hear these lyrics my general answer to them is “no one”.

I wonder sometimes what would happen if I didn’t really have an answer to those lyrics. If the fact I didn’t have anyone was so settling and comforting. If I actually felt scared to be alone, would I actually do something about it?

Right now, I don’t know.

Dear Isaiah Washington: Trump Doesn’t Love Anyone But Himself

First off, I want to say good morning to those who are waking up to start another work week. Second, I’m on vacation this week from work. Thirdly, tweets like this make me wonder if Trump is somehow controlling these “millions of black voters” through some sort of hypnosis.


Mr. Washington, you are entitled to vote for who you want to vote for. I do think that if you are from the school of “saying what you think and damn the consequences”, I think you need to put your mind on safe mode for a minute and run a scan to see if there’s anything wrong with it. I’ll put it in bold below just so you can read this

Donald Trump loves himself and no one else.

People who have supported his message, no matter the race, have sacrificed their careers and perhaps on some level – their souls. I know you pay attention to those who were formerly supportive of the president, including Omorosa, who has given her “Kanye West” like comment that Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people. If everyone who was with Trump is saying just how dysfunctional, how destructive, how ignorant and oblivious he is to the people of this country and this world, then what makes any of this worthy of voting for him in 2020.

You may call me political ignorant, talk about my spelling and punctuation and the fact that I have few followers.


Understand that you support a president who like most of us does not have the firmest grasp of the English language nor how to write it. Your support of Trump sells the idea that has been around for awhile that being educated means absolutely nothing. Look at where he hails from – Reality TV.

It’s not too late to pull back your comments and just sit down and think for awhile.

Grab a Yo-Yo Ma CD.

I recommend this one.