Being Helpful

Haven’t written here in awhile.

I have a story to tell.

I don’t always like to say that I am a helpful person due impart because I feel the word “sucka” generally gets added on as an alternate description of me. Out of selfishness and basic human compassion, sometimes I don’t give a fuck what the society at large thinks. And so with that in mind, I decided to help a USPS Postal worker scan packages into the scanner and get them into the mailroom.


I work in tech support and spend most of my time with technology. Most of the technology I support I don’t use very often in my real life, but the general principle of troubleshooting applies; start with the simple. The package scanner has easy to understand instructions, but the postal worker was either tired, frustrated or a combination of both.

After what seems like almost half an hour, I decided to take my ass over there and give the man a hand. The process works like this – enter the carrier code, enter the unit number or the name on the package into the system, select the package room location and make sure you add the other packages for that person if there’s more than one being delivered. Once you have all that, the package room door opens and you put the packages in the back.

Keep in mind, I’ve never actually worked in the postal service and have never used their technology or third-party technology that works with various carriers. Taking things a step at a time is the way I learn and it means that I don’t make any mistakes. Sometimes this method takes longer than human patience allows, but I’d rather get it right the first time while also pacing myself so that I don’t get frustrated.

The lady at the front desk thanked me for doing that. I accepted the thanks, but I had an inner monologue where I felt some invisible audience saying “that’s not your job, motherfucker”. That audience in one respect would be right, but who is gonna take care of things when no one is around? YOU. And in this instance, despite this not being my job and being tired from working, I did it anyway.

And god dammit I felt good for once motherfucker.

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