Welcome 2020 – Part 1

I decided that I would get ahead of the game and simply write out what my goals are for 2020. Some of these are a continuation of last year and some of them are brand new. With what, here is what the goals for 2020 look like.


The only friends I had, for better or for worse, were my family. With both of my parents being gone, I must come to the conclusion that I am going to have to try and make friends that have nothing to do with my job nor are they connected to the Internet. This is a bigger challenge since I, like my parents, were more introverted. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that you can do most things on your own, but it always helps to have a circle of friends.


Whether you have a hundred dollars or a million dollars, saving money is a necessary evil. You might not have the fun that you generally see posted on social media every other day, but you will have something left behind for when a serious emergency comes up. There are many areas where I can accomplish this:

  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Rent

The first two are easy to do; take the Bus/Train rather than Uber and Lyft and simply cook my own meals as opposed to ordering out. The third is perhaps the hardest given that I live in a pretty good neighborhood which recently had a president as one of its residents and is also the home of one of the most popular universities in America. As a result of the factors (and a few more that I won’t mention), rents for the area are rather high even when the living spaces were put together during the turn of the century.

I also realize as I consider places to live in my area that I do like not tight spaces or feeling isolated. The previous apartment I had before the one I’m in now was a huge two-bedroom apartment, but it was on the 20th floor and I never really got to know anyone as most of the people there were scared senior citizens or people who didn’t say much when you met them in the hallway. When I moved out of that place, I settled for a smaller one bedroom which really feels like a studio that was flipped to a one-bedroom.

The current apartment I’m in sits on the fourth floor in a smaller building that is closer to the train station. Most of the residents are immigrant families and college students who mostly keep to themselves but do make a point of saying hello now and then. My only issue, which is a similar one that I had with the previous apartment, was the fact that both are independently owned. I’d rather deal with a management company that has points of escalation rather than a single person who may or may not care about the space you are living in except to make money from it.

The place I submitted to is expensive for the kind of money I make, but given that I have sold my parents house and don’t really know where exactly that I want to live in my area, I can spend a year trying to figure it out while in comfortable settings. This doesn’t stick in the save money category, but I’d rather be comfortable enough to work out the other things in my life before I worry about how much I pay in rent.


I have not weighed myself consistently for more than half a year. What’s the point of doing that when you can clearly see yourself in the mirror with a gut? My pants do drop off which is possibly a sign that I am losing weight, but am I? The only way I would know is if I actually got a scale. Bottom line? I need to workout whether it’s at a gym (which the new place and my current place has) or whether it’s simply walking around the god damn block. Having two legs and feet is not to be taken for granted. If you don’t use them, you will lose them.

This is perhaps a more important goal than any of the other ones I’ve had so far.

I feel like a part two is necessary.

Stay tuned.

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