The Morality Police Need To Chill In 2020

In three days it will be January 1, 2020. A new god damn year will be here and there is one thing off hand that I want to happen; I want the morality police to chill for the first half of the year. It’s good that America is holding the powerful accountable on the constant, but I feel that you should fight the battles you know you can win and have the ammo to help win them. Taking on the powerful with just words and speculation is not enough.

If Celebrity A did one horrible thing, this does not mean Celebrity B, C and D are capable of that; the same applies for politicians. The cancellation of a human being for erroneous acts is serious business and the McDonald’s effect of it all is making it hard to make any of these battles unique or worthy of fighting. At some point, which I imagine is starting to happen already, people will realize the constant need to be outraged and reactionary is exhausting.

Get the proof, sit on it and come to a conclusion on your own.

Rant over.

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