Renting Foreva?

It’s a bit frightening to get back to writing again as I felt for a long time that I didn’t have anything interesting to say or write about. I figured that if I’m gonna start, I might as well start with something real; the fact that I have a future as a renter rather than an owner. No one at my current age of 40-ish years old sees themselves this way, but it’s a reality many face in Chicago.

For approximately 30+ years I always knew that my parents house was there to go back home too. Once both of them passed in 2016 and 2017, I found myself not feeling comfortable living with the ghosts of the past that existed in there and could not afford the increasing property taxes nor could I pay off the home equity loan that was left after their death. After a year and a half of broken promises, false starts and betrayals, I was finally able to get someone who could sell my house and get me started on the path to a new future.

Unfortunately, the future created for me that I currently live in seems filled with even more limitations when it comes to where to live. Because of the high property taxes throughout Chicago, many rents for even the oldest vintage apartments are fucking high. It’s a travesty given that many of these apartments on the inside are not worth the kind of money they are asking for considering none of them have been updated since the turn of the century.

If I’m going to deal with living on my own and being financially responsible, I have to come to the reality that the only kind of rent I can afford is under or about $1000 dollars a month. Since others are looking for the same thing, the competition to get one is fierce. At present there is one that I have submitted for that is somewhat in limbo because one realtor has to send another realtor from a credit agency my credit report.

If all goes through, I’ll be living in a studio apartment close to the college in my neighborhood. If not, I’ll be seeking other apartments and submitting for them as an alternative. I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well and that I don’t have to continue searching for long.


    1. The place that I am in now is rather small even thou it is listed as a one bedroom. Because of that, I feel it should be priced as a studio at around 800-900 dollars. Because of where I live that is almost a pipe dream. I’m also moving because the owner has a few times had issues with finding the rent that I sent him and when I needed things replaced, he was mostly wanted to do it through “just pay for it and take it off the rent”.

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