Detoxing My Life

For the last few years, I have eaten out everyday. The thought, the effort and the energy for me to create a meal worthwhile never seemed to be there. I recognize that I am slowly killing myself doing this. My excuses however are serious: I’m trying to climb out of debt, sell my house and do my IT job all at the same time.

Selling a house takes time and patience, so does getting out of debt. It’s amazing how little of both you have after trying to please other people and fix their problems for eight hours a day. There are options such as Yoga, going to the Gym and basic walking, but since I never have the right mindset, I never actually do any of those things.

I have a gym membership right now that I don’t even use. That’s money I could put back into my own pocket had I not hap-hazzardly signed up. I need to check to see if it’s canceled today or if payment is due on it. Meanwhile, I’ve started using Nutribullet and making drinks out of the ingredients in the book.

So far I feel great enough to be able to write this blog post. Now I have to keep it up and stay the course and see the results.

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