I Didn’t Ask For Your Opinion

There are moments in my own social media history where I feel like silence would have been the better choice. Our freedom to speak our mind in this country often seems to irritate us in regard to how we converse with each other; everyone should know the same things, feel the same things and speak on them in the same way. Social media, which relegates connections to visual and textual mediums, makes this seemingly possible by removing the face and the voice of the person you are responding to.

The problem becomes clear when I try to respond to something; the person who I’m responding to may have moved on already and I would be seen as beating a dead horse. Even worse, the person on the other end may not grasp the emotional context of what I’m saying and develop their own interpretation of what I’m saying. A lot of the time I feel like the response I get, depending on the post I’m replying to, gets the “I didn’t ask for your opinion” treatment.

I learned that lesson earlier this morning to never assume a post that someone makes comes from similar emotions I’m feeling while reading it. In other words, someone may be thinking “I don’t give a f***” while you may be thinking “Is this person ok?”. I shall now simply assume the former rather than the later so that I may not interpret their rebuttal of my response as a permanent mark on my life.

Or to be blunt, get into my feelings when someone tells me to “f*** off!”.

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