When Your Drained…

There comes a moment at the end of the day where you feel like the life has been completely sucked out of you and the only refuge from it all is your bedroom. This is essentially how I handle stress. While not entirely the best method to handle anything, I find sleeping works for me.

Everything I should be concerned about, act on or plan on, does not matter one bit when I am tired or I end up f***ing it up royaly when I do. In the name of just being human, I will sleep in place of running myself nuts.


Winter Has Arrived In Chicago

Plastered all over the news for the last few hours is the predictable reporting that a snowstorm is heading for the midwest and therefore like every year, Chicago. Due to a temporary shift change, I have to start at 7am for the next two days. Getting ahead of the game, I booked a hotel room in the Central Loop Hotel just off of West Adams street.


Snowstorms tend to mess up Lake Shore Drive and hell most of Chicago. Since I am the first point of contact, it makes more sense to get on top of the snow by arriving Downtown before it happens and then having only a little ways to go to get to work. I’m start enough, at least more recently, to use hotels based off of discounts and already earned points rather than just paying cash (or credit) outright. As this room was $88 dollars a night and not too far from work, it seemed like the perfect choice.

As it turns out, it is.

The bed is comfortable, the WI-FI is fast and the room is not too far from the elevator. There also seems less of an attempt at appearing to be a fancy hotel and more like a comfortable place to get out of the cold. That in turn is what I prefer more anything else.

I may stay another night here somewhere down the line.


Alone On Thanksgiving

The other night, as I was wrestling with the idea of writing a blog again, I found myself viewing the Instagram live of a local Chicago celebrity having Thanksgiving dinner with her family. There’s laugther, jokes and a variety of drinks and food being prepared that fall in line with what a typical Thanksgiving is supposed to be. I thought about the fact, as I watched this unfold, that I am spending Thanksgiving alone for the third year.

My mother passed away in 2017 from complications relating to triple-bypass surgery and my father passed away in 2016 from stage four colon cancer. Both of them passed away in their respective years before the holiday season even began and both times I moved forward without really giving it much thought. In small little pockets, the emotional overload of what took place over the past couple of years has started to come out. To say that I know what to do with these emotions and how to move my life forward would be a lie.

Being alone, being completely alone, has left me rather directionless. Granted, I’ve managed to do the basics – get up every morning, get dressed and go to work. Beyond that, I cannot say that I have much of a life beyond that.

Admittedly, I have created content on Instagram and YouTube that was meant to give me something to think about besides the passing of my parents. A typical example is The Milam Report, a short one-minute video series were I briefly cover the news of the day (mostly celebrity news) and give my opinion. The show is rather Mcdonalds-like given that pretty much anyone can read a few articles, skim over the details and give a smartass response.

When it comes to tracking my own personal growth, as well as mourning the passing of my parents, the immediate reaction I have to such an idea is who in the hell wants to read that s***? With our current administration making clowns of the United States, I hardly think the passing of someone’s parents and being alone will gauge the public interest. I’m attempting to try this whole week to continously write blog posts and get how I feel out of the way so I can get to the real work at hand.

That work, being consistent with what I want to accomplish. This time alone will allow me the chance to breathe creatively without worrying about work or what I should do after work with the few hours of freedom that I have.

Let’s hope I use it consistently.


Bill Maher Is Not A Grown Up

It’s amusing that Bill Maher, the controversial host of Real Time and previously Politically Incorrect, would be so tame with his interview of the also controversial Milo Yiannopoulos (what exactly does he do?) but was willing in just a few sentences to slam the legacy of Stan Lee shortly after his death. The conversative groups, be it alt-right or white nationalist, that infringe on our goverment are far more dangerous than a guy who inspired millions through fantasical characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine or The Incredible Hulk. The fact he stated during the Milo interview that he has an open mind to someone who is a threat to this country’s freedom to accept others is frightening to me.

And before someone comes at me with a statement that Bill Maher is always controversial and that he has the right to share his opinions – let’s examine the difference: Bill Maher is on national television, most of us are not. Although everyone should be able to have an opinion based on fact, Bill Maher has a team of people at the ready that he could call upon to make his opinion more varied, or at least carry less of a sting that the short callous one he gave. In fact, he could have brought on guys like Kevin Smith who while also a filmmaker is a noted comic book fan and has even made his own comic book to help him understand how something he thinks is bullshit could have such an influence on American pop culture.

To further infurate people, he suggested than Stan Lee’s influence with comic books caused America to dumb down and allow the likes of Donald Trump to be president. 

If Bill Maher wanted to ween people off of what he sees as an addiction to stories about guys with claws inside their hands and guys who turn green when angry, the worst thing you can do is go for the “high-brow” arguement. Telling kids, even adults, that Shakespeare is better literature does not inspire anyone to read as you are simply stating that it is better and not why. I seriously doubt Maher has the intellectual chops to sit down to actually demonstrate why comic books are bad and won’t ever attempt to as that would embrass him.

Bill can do better. The problem is whether his audience, who probably still go along with his antics, will demand he does.