Why Mediation On Love And Hip-Hop Is A Joke

In writing the above subject line, I am of the realization that I am a viewer of the dumpster fire that is the Love and Hip-Hop franchise. I won’t go into the usual tirade about the show’s premise, the people that feature themselves on the show or why the franchise, or even Reality TV, is popular in the first place. I will put my short two cents in as to why mediation doesn’t work on Love and Hip Hop, nor really any reality show.

Simply put, it’s another excuse to fight.

Bianca, Dreamdoll, Brittney Taylor and MariahLynn are all sitting around with Remy Ma and Yandy Smith guiding the meeting between the parties. Things quickly go left when names get called, drinks and whatever are thrown, Remy and Yandy get mad it doesn’t work out. My question is – do these ever actually work out?

No. If episode upon episode features any of them looking to slug the other or actually fighting the other, any mediation will just be a means for them to continue to bullshit. Eventually, this franchise and others like it might allow a gun into the picture as even drinks thrown and shouting will eventually get old.

Let us pray that doesn’t happen.

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