Why Monique Should Have Taken The Netflix Money

I understand that there is sexism, racism and a bunch of other isms that plague alot of industries; Hollywood is obviously no different. Putting those polarizing themes into the discussion of adding a numerical value to one’s talent and things get not only complicated, but ugly. Monique, best known for “The Parkers” and her Oscar-winning role in “Precious”, is asking for a boycott against Netflix for offered $500,000 dollars for a stand-up special as opposed to the $11 million offered to Amy Schumer for her recent stand-up special.

If this was Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle or even Schumer herself stating this, this would have legs. Coming from Monique herself, who has been on a roasting spree going after Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey, the legs on her protest are wobbly at best. When you consider that her last stand special was more than a few years ago, it makes sense that Netflix would give her such a low offer.

The minute you step out of the spotlight, you run the risk of not only being forgotten, but losing your market value. Taking such a move generally isn’t wrong; Daniel Day Lewis is careful to pick his roles which is why he does so few films. The problem is that when you step out of the system, s*** on the system and then ask to be brought back in, you will start from the bottom.

Granted, she does get film work and did have a role in Almost Christmas in 2016. That film however was an ensemble and not a film in which Monique was a large part of the film’s narrative (unlike Precious). When it comes to holding her own movie, the last attempt I can recall was Phat Girlz, which didn’t go down well at the box office nor did it get well-received.

These factors, coupled with the lack of stand-up work in general as of late, would be some of the factors as to why Monique was given such a low offer and why, given she’s looking to re-enter, she should take the money. If she felt the money was too low, a better move would be to simply create your own content and sell it on VHX (such as what Black and Sexy TV does for their content).

I obviously could have this all wrong and she is in the right, but I’m not sure how boycotting Netflix will get her what she wants given that Netflix can always contact other stand-up comedians who would not only take the money, but use that to kick off her career.



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