How Do You Not Read A Bill?

There’s a famous scene in Seven where Morgan Freeman walks into a library and the cops, upstairs playing cards, mock him. As he notes, and I’m paraphrasing, is that in the halls of knowledge, a cop’s only pleasure in this moment is playing cards. I can attest to not being the most avid reader and being almost more like Mills, played by Brad Pitt, where I’m only interested in the cliff notes version. Reading is important, perhaps even more important for those in power as someone who is in government. Or, as we keep finding out with this healthcare bill, maybe not.

On May 4th, the House decided to pass the GOP’s Healthcare bill in the effort, as Trump constantly proclaimed, to repeal and replace Obamacare (otherwise known as the Affordable Health Care act). With constant disasters overshadowing the Trump administration in its first 100 days, it appears that the pressure was on not to come across as a bunch of losers by not passing this. I feel as thou they would have been able to enjoy their success if they could have come across as having the read the actual f***** bill:

Several Republican representatives have said they did not read the bill, instead relying on staff or the media to understand its potential effects.

Rep. Chris Collins of New York told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday that he did not read the entire bill.

“I will fully admit, Wolf, I did not,” Collins said. “But I can also assure you my staff did. We have to rely on our staff.”

I suspect House Republicans are like fans of Apple products who dislike having the read the Terms and Conditions in favor of being able to play the latest U2 album only to realize it sucks.

How is it that you, deciding healthcare for most of the country that voted for you, decide as a reward for a their vote that they in turn should be shafted for the sake of the rich? I have to imagine that’s the only reason you would not read the god damn bill. Any other time, let’s say if this was Obama, you’d be spending all f***** night reading it to find any little thing to argue about – such as pre-existing conditions which under the new bill insurance companies can shaft you over.

Don’t let Paul Ryan know that. He’ll deny it.

I wonder if these guys ever read the Constitution.



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