The Politics Of Being A Smartphone User

I have a confession to make: I have way too many smartphones. It’s insane, I know; no human being needs more than one smartphone. I on the other hand like to have the best of both worlds as you never know when a situation will come about where assistance will be needed with an Android or IOS interface. People who are fans of both interfaces however develop passionate, sometimes ethical reasons for supporting one over the other. An Android user may feel that Apple is a boutique brand that doesn’t allow for much customization outside of changing the wallpaper, icons and ringtones while an Apple user may feel Android is too unstable that lives in a world without standardization.

I don’t personally care, but I also understand.

I have been an IPhone user for years. I love that everything is in one place and that adding additional apps is more of an option than requirement as opposed to Android. I like to be able to, if the need comes to reset my phone to factory settings, to be able to hit the ground running. When using an Android phone, I end up dealing with the issue of having to constantly update my phone since the factory default version of the OS is already old which if you have the time isn’t really a problem – in an emergency, it can be a bit of a hassle.

I don’t download music, or listen to music much these days. If I was a person who did listen to music constantly, I would probably prefer Android’s method of letting you put the music in the hard drive directly as opposed to Apple’s. Apple, for all it’s ingenuity, still largely relies on ITunes. ITunes needs to be retired, or at least slimmed down as it seems to be a big overpowered memory hog that isn’t as user friendly as it used to be in the old days. This will never happen in my lifetime, if Apple is around in the future.

I wish there was a phone personally that was had more of a standard of an IOS system, but with the open interfacing of an Android system. That kind of phone may be out there and admittedly I could find it if I wanted to (those who read this can suggest). Right now, I’m stuck with flipping between two worlds to get a taste of both.

One day…one day, I ultimately will have to choose. The nice thing about smartphone politics however? No one cares ultimately which one you pick.

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