Trump Can Learn To Be President – But He Has To Listen

This morning as I sought to add another entry to my blog, a New Yorker article caught my eye with the headline “Can President Trump Learn On The Job?“. My immediate thought is that he could if he knew how to listen – he doesn’t.

People accused Barack Obama all day and every day of lacking the experience and the Washington know-how, yet he listened. A great example: the fact that he confided in Michelle Obama, a woman who was not the president but could hold her own in a crowd and state her opinions without being scared. Donald Trump doesn’t have that kind of relationship with his wife Melania, nor does Melania seem to have the kind of political tenacity required to answer to her critics.

Since Trump is all about the people, the easiest way for him to get a sense of what he needs to do to fix this country is to understand what people in this country want. I don’t mean simply listen to the people who voted for you or write great articles about you or talk glowingly about you on Fox and Friends; I’m talking about the voters that actually hate you and what you stand for.

If he listens and tries to incorporate within reason the things they are saying, the people who are anti-Trump/pro-Trump may reduce the fire on the burner that is placed squarely under his ass by his own doing. I believe in people trying to come together and work things out as this is a country that mostly was put together on compromises. Since the Republican and Democratic parties, or any political party for that matter, are too busy fighting with each other, with Trump and with their own relevance, I highly doubt this will happen.

If he puts his ear to the ground, rather than his phone for a Twitter notification from the Fox and Friends twitter account, he might hear the sound of God telling him to wise up before it’s too late.

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