Abortion – It’s Always A Woman’s Choice

This piece is inspired by the mid-season three finale of Black and Sexy TV’s Sexless. Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, that doesn’t matter so much as the topic that it covered (which I could have spoiled with the subject, but oh well). Generally a man shouldn’t speak on these issues, but today feels like one of those I-don’t-give-a-damn days. 

Getting straight into it is something that should be obvious – Abortion is always a woman’s choice, not a man’s. A man does not go through the pain that a woman goes through during childbirth, nor does a man have to go through the full cycle of emotions that a woman goes through after childbirth. Coupled with the fact that the American economy still isn’t kind to people who have children, one may consider whether bringing a child into the world is worth it.

Yes, I would not be here if my mother decided to have an abortion. As a mere egg, as being a mere seed, I don’t get to make that choice at that stage. Whether I like it or not, my existence (whether blissful or a nightmare) is dependent on the woman that gives birth to me. If that woman doesn’t feel like she can provide that, or both parents for that matter, than she should have the right not to go through with it.

The anti-abortion groups who protest on the basis that you are killing another human being don’t strike me as the type that would end up raising said child if he suddenly lost both of his parents in a car accident, or give financial assistance if the family has trouble sending the “saved” baby to college or comfort said child in a time of need when they are having trouble navigating the world. The baseline concept of “save the babies” works pretty much at birth and that’s it.

After you jump out the womb, you are pretty much on your own.

F****ed up, isn’t it?

If a woman decides not to have a baby, no matter what my feelings are on the subject, I have to respect that. I’m not exactly keen on having children myself since I don’t think I took care of myself in my adult life. For that to happen as I struggle to get myself together means my kid might grow up backwards. I’d rather not have someone else to explain which way is up as the world is going to constantly try to tell my child that by attempting to put its foot up its a**.

Ok, I’ll stop here.

I’m certain I’ll catch flak for supporting the woman’s right to choose; tell me this, give me one reason why a woman’s ability to give birth should be dictated by anyone (without any morality judgement)?

2 thoughts on “Abortion – It’s Always A Woman’s Choice”

  1. Matthew,

    I am a pro-choice woman, but I do feel like the fetus conceived in the womb is the product of the man and the woman. I believe the the male involved in the conception of the fetus should have be heard and valued. Men can be great parents also. So, I think their opinion on the life of the fetus they conceived should be heard and given value.
    Ultimately, the person carrying the baby has the final say on whether they are willing/able to carry the fetus full term to birth.

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