Presidents Don’t Tweet Memes

When it comes to the presidency of Barack Obama, re-tweeting disrespectful memes on Twitter does not come to mind. Donald Trump, who is the current president, consistently pushes the idea that he is somehow the best. Of course he knows he isn’t the best – he’s nowhere Roosevelt, Kennedy or even Lincoln. Yet he considers what he does to be a new kind of presidential behavior. Don’t believe me, click below to see his exact words from his Twitter on the subject

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Donald Trump: The Casual Gamer Of The United States Presidency

I’ve come to the conclusion with Donald Trump that he really is just a casual gamer when it comes to being president. All of us who come in with a simplified view of what it takes to being in charge of this country ultimately end up understanding that there are many cogs in the machine that have to work together – when the cogs fight against each other, that machine is held to a standstill. If you are used to playing Angry Birds and then decide any one of the many Call Of Duty games would be a piece of cake, there’s a rude awakening in your future.

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