No Mr. Trump, This Is Your Fault

In an era where we try to impose the idea of personal responsibility in our daily lives and in our beliefs, Donald Trump seems unwilling to accept any for the violent car crash of a mess that was the white nationalist march in Charlottesville. Trump’s continuous dangling of anti-immigrant, anti-woman and anti-anyone that-doesn’t-look-like-me-rhetoric activates and invigorates the groups such as the ones that descended upon Charlottesville for the “Unite The Right” event today. With a mutual appreciation going on from both sides, the violent of those groups are given the go-ahead to engage in acts of violence such as the one where a car sped into a group of protestors against the white nationalists today that injured 19 and killed one.

Given that this incident occurred, Donald Trump once again for the sake of his presidency which is already in shambles must remain silent to keep his base. His supporters, of which I believe have severe mental issues will argue that the president’s recent statement against happened was a proper response; it was neither proper, nor was it presidential;

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. On many sides. It’s been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. This has been going on for a long, long time.”

He didn’t mention Charlottesville, the victims of the attack nor the white nationalists. Right after mentioning the key buzz words of “hatred”, “bigotry” and “violence”, he decided to deflect with “both sides do it too” and “not Barack Obama”. In the moment where he could be considered the most presidential, he made it not only about himself but about deflecting from the greater issue at hand; violence from the alt-right groups that seek to destroy America.

It is time, now more than ever, to get Trump to realize once and for all that the responsibility for what happened today and every other day where similar acts have taken place (violent or otherwise) lies with him. Don’t come at me with “this happened when Obama was in office” because he is gone.

Donald Trump is president. Donald Trump is responsible for this country. Today, he has shown more than ever that he not only is not presidential, he isn’t even a man. For that action of deflection, it is time to put a move on his removal and the removal of anyone like him in his current administration – Omorosa included.

There Is Life Outside Of Trump

I can’t lie about this – I am burned out on anything Trump. I’m burned out on anything that has a similarity to Donald Trump. When that happens, I stop for awhile so that I can feel fresh with what I have to say. This feeling can produce feelings of apathy and I already feel disconnected from everything these days. To keep myself engaged and at peace (not necessarily happy), I try to look for things that interest me. So far, I have found graphic design and music to be interesting to me.

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No Excuse Can Erase The Damage Jeronimo Yanez Did To The Castile Family

Let’s get this out of the way; Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of the murder of Philando Castile. We’ve been here before with Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice and countless others. The defenses argument in case comes with some variation, but the meaning behind their statements are the same; my life was threatened, he didn’t comply and he had a weapon.  F*** beating around the bush; Philando Castile was murdered – point, blank, period.

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When A Life Is Taken

Philando Castile lost his life thanks to a reckless bullet from a trigger happy cop, but that isn’t even the worst of it. Millions of people on various social media sites got to watch his life fade away via Facebook Live. There is nothing that can be done about death; there is something that can be done for the people are alive in it’s aftermath.

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Trump’s Government: The Continuous Revolving Door

I thought the following headline as a jest, but it’s starting to become clear that a job in Trump’s government is essentially a contracting job with loads of responsibility, little pay and no respect. Robert S. Mueller, a former FBI director appointed by The Justice Department to oversee an investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and that country where Putin is from is now, according to a friend of Trump’s, the next on Trump’s list to be fired. To me it’s obvious why: he’s going to do his job, much like Comey and Trump doesn’t want people who can do their job – especially if it involves a detailed investigation into the campaign that brought you here in the first place.

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How To Educate Donald Trump

Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement because he felt that it wasn’t benefitting America, but other countries. He overlooked obviously the part about our climate changing and, without the U.S. involvement in the agreement, the climate will get worse. Here are some ways that, in general, we can educate Donald Trump.

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Mr. President: Stop Hiding And Start Listening

Donald Trump, get over yourself. You wanna be better than Obama, start actually acting like you care about the country and not the version currently played out in the most depression editions of Call Of Duty. In other words, wake the f*** up.

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Kathy Griffin’s Trump Video: I Got Nothing

(I was going to be the original photo up that came from the video, but given that this is such a non-controversy, I decided a pancake was better instead)

In the age before the Internet, finding a shocking video of someone being beheaded would have been something sold or watched in the dark corners of the world. Now such rare exclusivity is gone and beheading videos can pop up as often as Donald Trump tweets. The effect of such quantity and availability means that voices involved are varied; some are traditionally outraged, some perhaps think it’s promo for another season of American Horror Story and some would probably see it as an outtake from a really cheesy B-movie intended to send up horror films.

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Trump Voters, Face It: America Was Better When Obama Was President

In the spirit of Trump voters and his administration disavowing facts, I will disavow them when talking about Obama in this post. Deal with it. 

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Republicans Don’t Grasp That Violence Against The Media Doesn’t Work

This is Greg Gianforte, a 56-year-old millionaire who owns CRM tech company RightNow Technologies and is on the eve of possibly winning a congressional seat in Montana. Yesterday, he body-slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs for asking questions regarding a Congressional Budget Office report on the Trumpcare bill which gives an unfavorable review of it. For public figures, physically assaulting and threatening the media only makes them go harder. If it’s too hot in the kitchen, you can always work at McDonalds.

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