Burned Out On Outrage

I was looking through threads on a message board that deals in “celebrity tea” when I came across a thread about yet another former child/teen star accusing another actor of sexual abuse. I look inside and of course the responses are frightening similar to those who wanted Hillary Clinton locked up. I can understand questioning the personal history and political decisions of someone, say our current president, but a general celebrity (famous or has-been) doesn’t carry the same weight.

I understand that the point of accusing/outing these people is to expose the power structure that hides and enables sexual assault and abuse in general. The problem is that this problem is not connected to Hollywood or even Washington, it’s everywhere. The people with the most power, to be perfectly honest, are the ones who most assume would have the least amount of power; ordinary people.

Let’s be honest, if someone with no power or clout committed acts of abuse of any kind, there would be no press nor would there be any chants of execution. There would be a TV/newspaper blurb about it and then a few follow-ups, but that’s it. The 24-hour news cycle however doesn’t give two damns if a regular person assaults another regular person. Sure, the most horrific cases get highlighted on shows like Dateline (which are in the thousands), but that’s about it.

Sometimes I believe these serious matters, even matters regarding how we discuss politics now, are a combination of the fact these situations/ideologies are swept under the rug and taken out of regular discussion and because it’s “trendy”. Years ago in the younger part of my life, the idea of sexual abuse by a famous person was tied to one person – Michael Jackson. After his death, The FBI revealed that they found nothing that could use to convict him.

The witch-hunt that occurred in the 90s and ended with his death educated me that not everything is what it seems.

I know it’s unheard of to consider that everything said in the news, or by everyday people, must be seen taken with a grain of salt (aside from the Trump administration’s antics). However, if mere words carry more than facts, then anyone can say anyone about anything, lose everything and have no way of getting it back since the bar has been lowered to what one says about another. Once again, everything isn’t what it seems.

I suspect next year we will still be talking about these matters including Trump’s continuous drive to make this country look stupid and dangerous at the same time. By the time we get sick of that, North Korea’s missiles should be able to reach us.