United Needs To Learn The Art Of Compromise

When you fly the friendly skies, you’d think that you would feel at home. After many years in the business and millions of flights, United no longer seems interested in making the skies friendly. After their latest debacle today (which took place in Chicago which I call home), I’m starting to wonder if United has forgotten the art of compromise.

Take for instance the matter of the two teenage girls who were kicked off the flight because according to their rules, leggings were are not allowed. The jerk in us all would like to believe that people have eyes and can read; therefore the parents as well as the children should learn to read the convoluted rules set forth by the company. Thanks to CNN Money, we learned that the rules stated that “pass riders” are not allowed to wear clothing that doesn’t look “neat and professional”. This includes and I quote:

Form-fitting lycra or spandex tops, pants and dresses, offensive or derogatory words or graphics on clothing, “excessively dirty” clothing that has holes or tears, or anything that is “inappropriately revealing.”

I would think that rather than go on about how the rules are rules, that the gate attendant would assess that the best way to handle this is to simply let them on, but remind them that in the future this is not allowed. Another thing that would be helpful is for United to make a pop-up window with a reminder for “pass riders” about what they can and cannot bring on a United flight while using said pass. I’m not a business person, and I’m certain that my view on the matter would mean in a tough world that I would be considered a push over.

I would rather find a way to save the company and keep customers happy at the same time. Everything can be worked out one way or another. Not doing so means that you invite situations such as the one that happened Sunday when United Airlines via some rent-a-thugs forcibly took a passenger out of his seat so that United employees who needed to work a flight in Louisville, KY, after he refused to give it up.

Once again much like the previous legging incident two weeks ago, United kept using their procedures and policies and how with those policies they were not in the wrong, nor did they see a reason to budge one inch from them.

United Airlines will take a big hit; although checking their recent stock surge upward, United may chuck the middle finger to the naysayers. These “naysayers”, beyond those tweeted and recorded video of the two incidents, beyond the talking heads on cable news, may grow more and more. People who decide to take their business elsewhere generally don’t require permission – they just don’t go.

And why go someplace where the skies, as clearly indicated in this case with United, are no longer friendly.