F-You 2017

For the first half of 2017, we were dealing in America with the “work-in-progress” that is the Trump presidency. For the second half of 2017, we have decided that in addition to Trump’s buffoonery that we were going to take on sexual assault cases. Meanwhile during this second half of 2017, Trump declares that North Korea should be listed as a terrorist nation and that the FCC should give the power back to the corporations that push the Internet through by repealing Net Neutrality.

In this day and age it is more important to be “woke”, but I’m frankly mentally and physically drained from this year and have decided that it’s time to say f*** you to it before January 1st even gets here. I lost both of my parents, dad to colon cancer last year and mom to a heart infection this year, and that alone will make a person look at all the headlines, turn off the TV and wish to god it would all go away. “But you can’t ignore the world!” would the response to this thinking, but consider this:

How did sexual assault cases, Donald Trump’s presidency and the net neutrality all happen at the same time in the same year? Because we decided as a nation that these issues would never come to a head, nor did we measure how big an impact these issues would have on so many people. In essence, my turning the news out and tuning out what’s happening doesn’t feel quite so bad; sometimes things will take their course with or without you.

This would be presumptuous for me to call this early, but I believe this world will be around for 2018 and that all of our stress and panic from this year will all be a memory. In 2018, the themes of Trump’s idiotic decision making, the gross negligence of America’s corporations from tackling sexual assault and harassment cases and the need for corporate America to take back the Internet will become a thing of the past once again as the world will end up feeling Blaise about it and consider it just another everyday thing.

That’s at least how we viewed both eras of the Bushes and the Clinton sex scandal.

My hope is that in 2018, despite what happens around me, that my life gets better and that I feel better about myself regardless of what happens around me.