Insomniac’s Log – 8/25/2017 – 2:57am


I should be sleeping. I should be resting my mind for the job that I have to go in the morning. I however cannot. As I type this, I have just finished eating a sandwhich with meat, tomatoes, olive oil and mustard. I cannot recall what type of meat I put into the sandwhich and I imagine that would be my answer if I was someone working in a fast food restaurant wondering what I’m doing with my life.

A few hours earlier I relayed to a co-worker at my job that this year has been horrible. In the competition of who had the worst time this year, I would say I would be at the bottom of the list given who we have as president. I wonder if there is such a thing as a good year; I’m talking about a year with absolutely no bad stuff – not even a hang nail.

I am pondering the next thing to write about. Trump-bashing articles, while necessary since his presidency embarrasses our country, seem blah after awhile; everything that happens seems like a repeat of the last with different people underneath and behind him. I can only imagine that the vacations the cast and crew of Late Night shows take is so they can remember that there was a real life before this administration.


Time to shower and to sleep. Whether I actually do that is another matter.