How Do You Not Read A Bill?

There’s a famous scene in Seven where Morgan Freeman walks into a library and the cops, upstairs playing cards, mock him. As he notes, and I’m paraphrasing, is that in the halls of knowledge, a cop’s only pleasure in this moment is playing cards. I can attest to not being the most avid reader and being almost more like Mills, played by Brad Pitt, where I’m only interested in the cliff notes version. Reading is important, perhaps even more important for those in power as someone who is in government. Or, as we keep finding out with this healthcare bill, maybe not.

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The Politics Of Being A Smartphone User

I have a confession to make: I have way too many smartphones. It’s insane, I know; no human being needs more than one smartphone. I on the other hand like to have the best of both worlds as you never know when a situation will come about where assistance will be needed with an Android or IOS interface. People who are fans of both interfaces however develop passionate, sometimes ethical reasons for supporting one over the other. An Android user may feel that Apple is a boutique brand that doesn’t allow for much customization outside of changing the wallpaper, icons and ringtones while an Apple user may feel Android is too unstable that lives in a world without standardization.

I don’t personally care, but I also understand.

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