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Mimi And Nikko’s Sex Tape May (Sadly) Sell Like Hotcakes

Mimi Faust and her boyfriend (or ex) could possibly but Ray J and Kim to shame.

Mimi Faust and her boyfriend (or ex) could possibly but Ray J and Kim to shame.

I don’t really have the time for television in general. The bits and bobs that I do catch are a result of reading random blogs whenever something from any of these shows pop up. Bottom line: I get bored of myself and my interests.

There is no logical reason to make a sex tape. Even if the means of doing so are for some sort of greatest hits collection of one’s sex life, it can be an incredibly dull piece of cinema to observe. With the trailer (which I won’t link to for some very obvious reasons) for this particular foray into the genre, I believe this one will make Kim and Ray J’s attempt look like a public access show.

The little that I remember about the former tape and the little that I’ve seen from the trailer of the latter, Kim and Ray J simply had no passion or chemistry of any kind. Considering this is supposed to be about sex, you’d think those two things matter. Clearly some celebrities looking for any kind of fame don’t care if they come across as dull in the sack.

Mimi and Nikko have that passion and chemistry required for a sex tape. Whether this is done for a means of self-promotion shouldn’t be up for debate: this clearly is meant for both parties to get massive amounts of attention they wouldn’t get from their current employment on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.  The problem? The quality of their lovemaking actually justifies even bootlegging a copy of this.

And so with that I give kudos to Mimi Faust for her willingness to at least put on a good show in a genre that generally comes off as dull as dishwater.

Every Film These Days Could Use Some Kevin Bacon

“Footloose” is hardly on my mind these days. I’m not thinking about kicking off any Sunday shoes or pondering the logic of a small town banning dancing of any kind. When The Kevin Bacon decided to make a guest appearance on The Tonight Show in celebration of the film’s anniversary, he decided to revisit the role and duplicate some of the signature dance moves.

It was funny.

It was sad.

It was ironic.

A few years earlier Hollywood decided it didn’t need a leading man with any sort of charisma and went about remaking Footloose. Usually when a remake is unleashed into the world, the general notion is that it would taint whatever made the original popular. The Bacon proved otherwise.

It doesn’t matter if you film a story and give it a title similar to an original classic: you need The Bacon. Whether it’s a dance movie, a drama or a comedy, there has to be a soul there. There was nothing deeply complex about Footloose from a story point of view. Mostly it was about a world, pretty much like now, that is stuck on being proper as opposed to being human.

Hollywood has gotten weary and afraid. They don’t seem to think today’s audience will watch something new even thou most “new” ideas are something really, really old. Forget about originally, just put some bacon on the writing and the audiences will come.