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Vengeance Is For The Weak

This past weekend was rough.

After acquiring  Samsung Galaxy S5 with my new AT&T account, I spent the better part of the weekend pondering over customization which is the supposed benefit of being an Android user over an IPhone user. After much research after the fact I have come to the conclusion that the companies putting out Android phones seem to be creating hidden restrictions. In the case of Samsung one has to tackle the security system known as Knox which screws with you in two different ways: it blocks your attempt at installing an OS that isn’t Samsung related and activates a non-warranty status on your phone when you put it in recovery mode.

It makes sense to take some outrage to the Internet and yet it doesn’t; what you complained about right then was not an original complaint. After a query or two from Google you discover every possible problem someone would have with your phone, be it Samsung, HTC or Apple, has already been discussed, noted and hopefully by the powers that be of said phone manufacturer, fixed. The resolve to correct the errors in technology doesn’t have a set time period; errors can take months, sometimes years to fix.

One thing is certain: technology is always changing, people generally do not.

Most important about this statement is that a person unlike a machine can actually choose their course of action without the need for external input. Understanding this can resolve a lot of conflicts that somehow end up in violence and death these days. Let’s take a relationship gone sour for instance.

You have been in love with your significant other for awhile; your significant other on the other hand is not in love with you the way you’d like them to be. A delicious, but dangerous thought starts to forum in your head: why don’t I get my attention from someone else? The way you would arrange it is that you could be with this other person and still keep your relationship.

You find someone who is willing to do anything for you in that David Foster-Peter Cetera kind of way. Time passes. You start bringing the physical into the relationship; the physical however creates a signature within your soul – another person has now entered your space beyond that of a mere listening ear and has now gained access to a place beyond the friend’s zone. Basically, you now are living the average late-2000′s R&B video where you are in love with two people but can’t commit to either one.

Then, for whatever reason, you choose one of the two; The other one, now filled with anger over the rejection, starts to let revenge mix in with the heartbreak. You think about it every waking day and consider the proper response. You have a social media account; the person you cared about who rejected who does as well. The revenge seeps in further.

You start using your social media accounts to air out your pain and air out, without context, a series of potential damaging snippets of the other person’s life. Friends, people who aren’t really your friends but are just nosy and trolls all relish in the drama and turmoil that’s unfolding on their feeds; some of them even, without knowing the other person, start leaving nasty comments on said person’s social media accounts.

You will break that person by letting the world feel as if you are a victim of a situation you were fully aware wasn’t guaranteed.

Vengeance in my opinion is a weak reaction to how other people treat you. Nobody, despite however right they are about you, deserves that much hold over how you proceed in life. When you seek revenge in every instance, it is an indication that you haven’t had enough time to think it through. In a world of instant gratification, acting out exactly the way you feel has become the norm.

I say this as someone who has had such thoughts. Whatever concepts or attitudes I have towards certain people, I cannot allow them to dominate me. I have to let it go. It’s not as cool to do so and we have an entire genre of films that cheers the opposite in this country. Unlike those characters on the silver screen, what kind of peace could you have if you are always ready to strike?

If a person, friend or lover, decides that they don’t want you – they don’t. Deal. Don’t run off to social media seeking a mass pity party – the Internet has never been a good place for that unless you manage to join some sort of clique.

If you really feel that bad, take some time off.