Grown Up Chronicles: The Laundry Cart

I moved recently as I am in the process of selling my house. In my new place, the laundromat is in the basement. I can’t tell you how silly it feels to drag a laundry bag with dirty clothes up and then have to put those same clean clothes in the same bag only to find they are wrinkled. This cart, which allows you to put hangers on it, is my attempt at making my life easier since I don’t have a washer/drier unit in my condo.

Should my house sell, I will be in the position to get my own place and hopefully get an in-unit laundromat. It suits my personality better as I don’t feel comfortable around people alot and don’t want to have to compete for a washer or wondering if the note they left on the washer or drier was used so they can reserve it. I wish I didn’t waste time I could be using to sleep doing this.

Right now it’s two a.m. in the morning. I’ll try to catch up on what I can, but it’s one step closer to getting everything the way I like it.

2 thoughts on “Grown Up Chronicles: The Laundry Cart”

  1. I did that for years, Matthew–hauling the dirty clothes for an entire family up and down steps and hoping you didn’t drop anything embarrassing along the way. You meet some interesting souls in the laundry room. I was so glad when we finally moved to a place with its own washer and dryer. Made me feel had as if we had moved another step up the ladder of success. We could keep our dirty clothes to ourselves. We were finally grown-up.

    1. I’m debating whether I wanna stay in a place where I need to fight for a washer and a dryer. I’m looking to get a condo with an in-house washer and dryer

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