Casting Stones At Hollywood

There are moments on social media where I begin to wonder about how we think about things individually. An example; it’s common for people to put Woody Allen in a box where he is seen as a creep due to his own alleged behavior and the kind of persona he portrays in his movies. Another example: Bill Cosby, a man who portrayed a lovable dad in this 1980s who as it turns out might also allegedly a creep. I use the word allegedly because I wasn’t there and finding out the truth in Hollywood is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Throwing stones at Hollywood under the impression that their power and their fame make them invincible seems just at first; the regular people of the world will never have the means to defend themselves or get away with things that ordinary people couldn’t. The problem is that the entertainment business was never put together with the idea that everyone in it be morally correct – one of the most controversial and celebrated films in history is a film that basically is a celebration of white nationalism (“The Birth Of A Nation”) while another contained several scenes of a white actor in blackface. If you need everyone you see on the silver screen, or the small screen, to conduct themselves as genteel, you exist in a universe that is not our own.

The Twilight Zone, perhaps?

I suspect the reason I feel this way in our current climate is that there just only so much that one can be outraged about; the current presidency I can understand, but not Bill Cosby, Woody Allen or anyone else in Hollywood. The White House and what happens in that are worth more the outrage. Throwing stones to tinseltown’s population would be worth it if it really had any meaning to our lives.

If the answer to the meaning of taking down these figures is to show that nobody can get away with crime in Hollywood, then you don’t know Hollywood. As someone pointed out on Twitter, and I’ll paraphrase, these particular figures are past their prime and are only a shadow of their former selves. If you were to attack them and attempt to jail them for their alleged crimes, you would simply be adding a nail to a coffin already built by the fact that they are fading stars with only their history in the business keeping them afloat.

When they die, or retire, it will almost seem like the end of a tragic play to suddenly wisk them off to jail.

Meanwhile, a hurricane just happened that just made it clear that climate change is real.

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