Donald Trump Jr: Duped By An Email

Donald Trump Jr was not interested in help his father win the presidency as he was more interested in being famous; a definition that is tied to his father as he continues to attempt to re-shape America as if it looked like something out of Dark City. Sadly, he wasn’t duped by a government spy or some kind of long-reaching conspiracy; Donald Trump Jr was duped by an email.

As with every email you get that guarantees a longer penis or the ability to lose weight, those generally go into the spam folder or the deleted items bin. Donald Trump, Jr in reading the email and seeing the words “Info On Hillary”, he decided meet with publicist Robert Goldstone – the man behind the email. Once he arrived, they met with Goldstone’s contact, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who as it turns out actually had nothing on Clinton at all:

From the New York Times:

Mr. Goldstone said Ms. Veselnitskaya offered “just a vague, generic statement about the [The Clinton] campaign’s funding and how people, including Russian people, living all over the world donate when they shouldn’t donate” before turning to her anti-Magnitsky Act arguments.

“It was the most inane nonsense I’ve ever heard,” he said. “And I was actually feeling agitated by it. Had I, you know, actually taken up what is a huge amount of their busy time with this nonsense?”

I’m rather lost on how this could happen. Donald Trump Jr, with his actions here, is stupid – but how stupid can you actually be to fall for an email without vetting the information? Trump’s connections should allow him to find investigators who could check the credentials of the people he’s meeting – including Natalia Veselnitskaya. Even a google search for Ms. Veselnitskaya would have sufficed.


If Trump supports are going to continue to co-sign this crap, more power to them.

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