There Is Life Outside Of Trump

I can’t lie about this – I am burned out on anything Trump. I’m burned out on anything that has a similarity to Donald Trump. When that happens, I stop for awhile so that I can feel fresh with what I have to say. This feeling can produce feelings of apathy and I already feel disconnected from everything these days. To keep myself engaged and at peace (not necessarily happy), I try to look for things that interest me. So far, I have found graphic design and music to be interesting to me.

At this point on my Soundcloud, I do not have a particular genre that I work in. I seem to like doing music as if it were piece work; a bit of orchestra, a bit of hip-hop, a bit of drums. I mostly do instrumental music it seems. I haven’t experimental with vocals given that I can’t sign, nor have I been able to find time to surf the Internet for good vocals to rip to put in my songs (you see this mostly in chill-hop songs). This song in particular was just me messing with different sounds (thus the title).

For my graphic design part, I find this alot harder to explain; I make do mock up posters for movies and television shows.

I haven’t been commissioned for anything yet, and I don’t feel 100 percent there. The difficult in what I do is that I use pre-existing images which are often hard to come by depending on the show, the actors/actresses I use and the concept I put together in general. Sometimes when I can’t think of a show or movie I wanna do a poster of, I just make up a movie/tv show (thus the absurd poster above). It’s relaxing, perhaps more so than making music and I wish there was a way to turn it into a profit.

I may, to give some variety to this blog, post the art and music here. This all depends on how the traffic is for the blog when these posts go up. It is my blog after all, why not?

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