Presidents Don’t Tweet Memes

When it comes to the presidency of Barack Obama, re-tweeting disrespectful memes on Twitter does not come to mind. Donald Trump, who is the current president, consistently pushes the idea that he is somehow the best. Of course he knows he isn’t the best – he’s nowhere Roosevelt, Kennedy or even Lincoln. Yet he considers what he does to be a new kind of presidential behavior. Don’t believe me, click below to see his exact words from his Twitter on the subject

Let’s think about his slogan and the time that he imagines America was great (pre-1960s), most of his behavior would have gotten him thrown out of office. I’m not even sure in the Reagan years he would have gotten away with this behavior as president. Then again, each era I reference did not have the Internet and thus Twitter was not available. Regardless of whether this is a modern time with more ways to socialize, a president in any situation should carry himself as a president. Donald Trump supporters don’t seem to grasp that idea and think that the presidency only became interesting when he came into office. Since most of them are white, I can only imagine that his election inspired people to think it was ok to say racist words towards people of color and propel the likes of Alex Jones to the level a maniac with superstar status.

Those of who who are fans of Donald Trump, explain how this crap he puts out on Twitter is presidential?

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