Donald Trump Jr: Duped By An Email

Donald Trump Jr was not interested in help his father win the presidency as he was more interested in being famous; a definition that is tied to his father as he continues to attempt to re-shape America as if it looked like something out of Dark City. Sadly, he wasn’t duped by a government spy or some kind of long-reaching conspiracy; Donald Trump Jr was duped by an email.

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There Is Life Outside Of Trump

I can’t lie about this – I am burned out on anything Trump. I’m burned out on anything that has a similarity to Donald Trump. When that happens, I stop for awhile so that I can feel fresh with what I have to say. This feeling can produce feelings of apathy and I already feel disconnected from everything these days. To keep myself engaged and at peace (not necessarily happy), I try to look for things that interest me. So far, I have found graphic design and music to be interesting to me.

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Presidents Don’t Tweet Memes

When it comes to the presidency of Barack Obama, re-tweeting disrespectful memes on Twitter does not come to mind. Donald Trump, who is the current president, consistently pushes the idea that he is somehow the best. Of course he knows he isn’t the best – he’s nowhere Roosevelt, Kennedy or even Lincoln. Yet he considers what he does to be a new kind of presidential behavior. Don’t believe me, click below to see his exact words from his Twitter on the subject

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