No Excuse Can Erase The Damage Jeronimo Yanez Did To The Castile Family

Let’s get this out of the way; Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of the murder of Philando Castile. We’ve been here before with Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice and countless others. The defenses argument in case comes with some variation, but the meaning behind their statements are the same; my life was threatened, he didn’t comply and he had a weapon.  F*** beating around the bush; Philando Castile was murdered – point, blank, period.

I would advise against playing this video unless you don’t want to sleep. This newly released dashcam video, put out days after Yanez was acquitted, shows what happened on the day Philando was killed from the perspective of the officer who shot him. Call me crazy, but for a person who feared for his life while questioning Mr. Castile, Mr. Yanez seemed comfortable getting really close to the car (at 1:08 to 1:19 you can see him putting his body towards the driver’s side door itching to get the gun out). I would think the more logical move would have been to be at a distance like his partner who is also featured in this video and get Castile out of the car before questioning him.

Alright – let me stop arguing why he shouldn’t have been shot. Let’s talk about why he had to shoot Castile in the car. I’d love for someone to explain what the point of shooting him in the car with his girlfriend and daughter at close range watching him die. I’d love for someone to explain why it was necessary for the officers to have his girlfriend in cuffs and his daughter essentially left emotionally torn. Someone please tell me.

I imagine no one will because there is no excuse that erase the damage done to this family.

Nothing, nada, zilch.

If black people must go to jail over tickets, weed or stealing a TV, Jeronimo Yanez should go to jail for murder regardless of his badge and the power behind it.

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