Dear Americans: Why Do You Need Guns?

Hi there.

I’m assuming the person reading this is an American. If you are, I have a question; why do you need a gun?

Now I’m sure the person who is American is going to sit there and say that they don’t have guns and that my question is far too broad. With the recent surge of gun violence throughout the country, I have to ask because we don’t seem to want to put that question out there. At best we talk about stopping it, we talk about removing all things that feature it, but we never discuss the cause of gun violence. There is no point in throwing laws together, increasing the police force, without asking the question and actually listening to the answers.

I want to gather in the comments below a discussion as to what makes you, a citizen of this country, feel the need to carry a gun. I want to know why a gun makes you feel safer than enacting conflict resolution skills. I want to know how working things out through a discussion comes across as “weak” or “letting your guard down”, but killing someone who may or may not have harmed you is. Those of you that had to use a gun to solve your problems, what exactly was your feeling after the thought crossed your mind that a life was taken?

Once again, I’m asking a question. I look forward to the answers here and on my Facebook page.

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