How To Educate Donald Trump

Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement because he felt that it wasn’t benefitting America, but other countries. He overlooked obviously the part about our climate changing and, without the U.S. involvement in the agreement, the climate will get worse. Here are some ways that, in general, we can educate Donald Trump.


It is clear that he is a fan of Fox News and Fox News in term is a fan of him. Given the recent scandals with Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and former Fox News head Roger Ailes, it would be a nice turnaround if rather than tow the line of ignorant and conservative, that they change up the formula with with some educational segments such as the ones made for cartoons like G.I. Joe or the ones made for dramas such as 21 Jump Street.

I am aware, those of you who are my age and grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, that those type of segments were corny and as children the last thing we wanted to be preached to is how to be right with the world. Since Donald Trump is the ultimate couch potato with a Twitter account, why not bring back those segments on Fox News and see if maybe his choice of words come across a little better in his tweets, his speeches and ultimately his actions.


If “The More You Know” type-segments sprinkled in the days of classic television wouldn’t work given that they are short and sometimes cringe-worthy, perhaps we could once again revive Schoolhouse Rock. The series, which also ran during my childhood, was very good at making catchy songs meant to educate children; Who can forget hits such as “I’m Just A Bill On Capital Hill” and “Conjunction Junction”? The cost to do this wouldn’t be expensive and I’m sure there’s some people willing to get off Snapchat and dog filters to put together a piece to educate a man who knows absolutely nothing but how to not know anything and still get ahead.


While Trump is having meetings in The White House, someone with his cabinet could go over to him and speak a few words that would get him to go on the right path (or in this case – the left). Rather than back out of the Paris Agreement, they could easily come in and whisper “Viva La France” which would then make Trump get the US back into the Paris Agreement and keep the US from becoming an environmental shithole.


Rather than corporate fat cats and lobbyists as his golf buddies, send with him hardline academics who no nothing about golf or making great deals, but know alot about art, literature and most importantly law. About that last part, someone in particular good with the history of immigrants coming to this country and the fact Trump own ancestry did not originate from this country either.

I know what you are thinking: If Jon Oliver can’t get through to him via a Fox News ad he paid for – no one can. For most of you out there who believe this, I will say this; Jon Oliver has way more balls than any of us have and is actually trying to reach the president.

No “give him a chance” approaches; you the voters who voted for Donald Trump did not bother to give the same allowances to Barack Obama, why should the suffering American public give him a chance when he is proven that he and he alone literally gives no damns, fucks or any sort of care about this country and its’ people?

He has had more lives than a cat with his political career; those lives have run the fuck out. Now that he is on the verge of possible getting us all killed, it’s probably time to take the kid gloves and hit him with the reality that he needs to get some god damn sense?

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