An Open Letter To Joseline Hernandez

I’m taking a break from politics to address a particular reality star named Joseline Hernandez. Hernandez, part of a three way car crash that features on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, wants to put producer/creator Mona Scott Young on blast for the way that she has treated the cast over the years on Oprah’s show. The following of what I am going to write is to give her a sense of reality that she has never part of as long while in the “Reality TV” bubble.

Dear Joseline,

I watched your Instagram live video on YouTube where you announced that you wanted your followers to get you on Oprah to tell the truth about Mona Scott-Young, the woman who made you the superstar that you claim to be. I’m not taking sides; both you and Mona seem to be good at gaining traction on the fame train by benefiting from the dirt on your nails you catch from other people’s lives and the misery you create while existing in their space. Stevie J, while seemingly addicted to you, equally can’t really stand you; how can he when ever other week you are trying to kill him or accuse him of things he didn’t do?

I’m pretty sure that you wanting to talk to Oprah is a means of putting Love and Hip Hop Atlanta on notice considering you believe that you are the reason people watch. I watched, sadly, the first few years of the show. Your story, while the main attraction people come for, really gets repetitive. Frankly, Season 1 was when your story was raw and real without all the extra. After Season 2, the story went from being realistic, to being a soap opera within a TV show pretending to make it’s focus seem “real”. After awhile you must have figured out how contrived it all us, even the story line that you are part of comes across as fake now.

If I recall you even admitted the show was fake while giving testimony to a court two years ago.

I’d like to point out that you even admitted in your testimony that the person you are on TV is not the real person. Knowing that is the case, who is the person wanting to come for Mona Scott Young? A person trying to be a Dynasty villain?

K. Michelle was able to leave Love and Hip Hop Atlanta two years in when she saw that what she came there for was actually starting to work. While you wish to be focused on becoming a musician, your increasing need to fight and cause drama with people super-seeds any talents you wish to show the world. Stop the fighting, stop the hate and the tea spilling and get to the business of being a “superstar”.

I suspect the reason I ended up doing this letter is that I am here to tell you that Oprah is not going to interview you. If you did, I believe you would bring yourself and her brand down to the ground. I know that you have gained a life based on your Reality TV career. I’m just here to let you know that nobody from the genre (sans a few) ever gets to sit in the chair with Lady O.

Given that Trump is the President, I may wake up and find out this is going to happen.

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