No Excuse Can Erase The Damage Jeronimo Yanez Did To The Castile Family

Let’s get this out of the way; Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of the murder of Philando Castile. We’ve been here before with Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice and countless others. The defenses argument in case comes with some variation, but the meaning behind their statements are the same; my life was threatened, he didn’t comply and he had a weapon.  F*** beating around the bush; Philando Castile was murdered – point, blank, period.

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When A Life Is Taken

Philando Castile lost his life thanks to a reckless bullet from a trigger happy cop, but that isn’t even the worst of it. Millions of people on various social media sites got to watch his life fade away via Facebook Live. There is nothing that can be done about death; there is something that can be done for the people are alive in it’s aftermath.

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Trump’s Government: The Continuous Revolving Door

I thought the following headline as a jest, but it’s starting to become clear that a job in Trump’s government is essentially a contracting job with loads of responsibility, little pay and no respect. Robert S. Mueller, a former FBI director appointed by The Justice Department to oversee an investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and that country where Putin is from is now, according to a friend of Trump’s, the next on Trump’s list to be fired. To me it’s obvious why: he’s going to do his job, much like Comey and Trump doesn’t want people who can do their job – especially if it involves a detailed investigation into the campaign that brought you here in the first place.

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How To Educate Donald Trump

Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement because he felt that it wasn’t benefitting America, but other countries. He overlooked obviously the part about our climate changing and, without the U.S. involvement in the agreement, the climate will get worse. Here are some ways that, in general, we can educate Donald Trump.

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An Open Letter To Joseline Hernandez

I’m taking a break from politics to address a particular reality star named Joseline Hernandez. Hernandez, part of a three way car crash that features on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, wants to put producer/creator Mona Scott Young on blast for the way that she has treated the cast over the years on Oprah’s show. The following of what I am going to write is to give her a sense of reality that she has never part of as long while in the “Reality TV” bubble.

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