Kathy Griffin’s Trump Video: I Got Nothing

(I was going to be the original photo up that came from the video, but given that this is such a non-controversy, I decided a pancake was better instead)

In the age before the Internet, finding a shocking video of someone being beheaded would have been something sold or watched in the dark corners of the world. Now such rare exclusivity is gone and beheading videos can pop up as often as Donald Trump tweets. The effect of such quantity and availability means that voices involved are varied; some are traditionally outraged, some perhaps think it’s promo for another season of American Horror Story and some would probably see it as an outtake from a really cheesy B-movie intended to send up horror films.

The Internet, always on the ready for the next thing to get upset about, took to social media to respond. I would post some of the more popular tweets regarding this, but I’ll just link to this LA Times article. I will present the actual video and you can see for yourself whether it’s worth the outrage.

Is it me or does Kathy seemingly look like she’s parodying The Shining here? (UPDATE: The video has been removed).

I imagine that the government via The Secret Service is looking into what damage they can do to Kathy Griffin. Hollywood responding is nothing since Kathy has always been an outsider to the system in any case. I’m sure some will take her recent apology about the video to heart claiming that as a shock comedian, it defeats the purpose of your type of art if you always have to apologize afterwards. The question is, how far is too far?

For me, the short video didn’t really drive home the message she intended. In fact, the video may have made people who hate him outright feel sorry for him and drive the narrative further that the media hates him. Never mind that for the past eight years, the media didn’t apologize when attacking Obama. As a matter of fact, why the hell apologize at all for this?

You know what, full stop – the video is down, there is nothing to see here. What’s Sean Spicer to comment on all of this?

Never mind.

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