Trump Voters, Face It: America Was Better When Obama Was President

In the spirit of Trump voters and his administration disavowing facts, I will disavow them when talking about Obama in this post. Deal with it. 

I will not be speaking from a space of facts; this country can’t make up its mind on what a fact is. I will say this; A black president would have happened, be it Obama or not, because we deserved it as a nation. No one on earth will tell me that his time in office didn’t matter to the culture.

Believe it or not, Barack Obama’s presidency was a giant rock against the wall of racism.

I know what’s coming: “He gave us Trump!” and “That’s an exception!” etc, etc. The fucks I give about what happens after his presidency are none. If this country were to go down in flames tomorrow, we can say that my generation, the current generation and future generations can say it loud that black people could run a country and not our mouth.

The constant arguments that he did nothing because he didn’t devote his energy to African-American causes is maddening; as Trump is finding out, appealing only to your base sets you up for alienation from those that are not your base. As Trump is also finding out, appealing to your own interests or those from an interest group or corporation is also alienating not only your base, but the entire god damn country.

“Oh, but Obama bailed out the banks. They should have suffered.”

Nope, don’t care. I don’t care one mother fucking bit about that. If Trump voters will make up excuses for their Orange Cat in chief, I will take it further and make an excuse for Obama; he had to save the banks to keep the economy from crashing. This is not the same thing as saving failing businesses that were never that good to begin with. This is not the same thing as borrowing money to keep pretending that you are rich.

I just thought about it; Obama didn’t come in with a ton of shitty businesses or back-hand deals with Russia or the sexual libido of someone in a mid-life crisis. Obama came in with a family, with a mission and with some god-damn political experience. He graduated from college, understood hip-hop and was liked in Hollywood.

Trump inherited money, got out of military service, came in with a family that resembles straight out of  an episode of the freaking Twilight Zone and with no political experience. If you throw me the fact that he isn’t a Washington Insider and that he is a regular person like you or me, I’ll throw you this; why the hell would a regular man take on a job he isn’t prepared for who admits after the fact he wasn’t prepared for it? I’m certain that if any of us knew we were in charge of nuclear launch codes, trade talks and what not with very little rest, we would run for the hills.

Obama put up with all of it, the good and the bad, with grace and with a sense of fucking humor. Obama embraced the press and allowed them into The White House to challenge him and respond the hell back. Obama never sat down with the press and essentially threaten them with their jobs (and quite possibly their lives).

The bottom fucking line is this; Trump voters wanted their country back to the days when black people were slaves and meant nothing to anyone. Obama wasn’t having that as he knew those days, which were never good no matter how you spin it, were over. Now that Trump is leading the country into the worst possible episode of The Walking Dead, one has to imagine of those Trump voters now regret voting him into office. On the other hand, they can look on the bright side of the matter by saying at least he isn’t Obama. That is, until Trump voters look around and see the world resembling one of the Fallout games.

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