Republicans Don’t Grasp That Violence Against The Media Doesn’t Work

This is Greg Gianforte, a 56-year-old millionaire who owns CRM tech company RightNow Technologies and is on the eve of possibly winning a congressional seat in Montana. Yesterday, he body-slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs for asking questions regarding a Congressional Budget Office report on the Trumpcare bill which gives an unfavorable review of it. For public figures, physically assaulting and threatening the media only makes them go harder. If it’s too hot in the kitchen, you can always work at McDonalds.

The Guardian has already released audio of the actual incident:

I can’t see how personally the man could, even if he wins, have a voice in Congress when people are going to be rightfully afraid of his response. Fighting in politics on a physical level has always been apart of politics; according to the official history of the house of representatives the worst fight in it’s history was on February 6, 1858 regarding the Lecompton Constitution:

The most infamous floor brawl in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives erupted as Members debated the Kansas Territory’s pro-slavery Lecompton Constitution late into the night of February 5-6. Shortly before 2 a.m., Pennsylvania Republican Galusha Grow and South Carolina Democrat Laurence Keitt exchanged insults, then blows. “In an instant the House was in the greatest possible confusion,” the Congressional Globe reported. More than 30 Members joined the melee.

The topics of concern may change, but the passionate drive to win when it may or may not have any benefits to the people of the United States remains the same. Unfortunately for the Republican party, fighting the media with no proof and merely rumors, conspiracy theories, accusations and physical violence can only backfire. There’s a possibility that despite this, Gianforte will most likely win his congressional seat and declare himself the victor which would I suspect inspire other members of government to enact the same acts of violence on other members of the media.

If Phadera Parks lost her peach on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta rightfully for making false accusations against Kandi Burruss, Greg Gianforte should be allowed to lose his seat. Since sleaze is in, I imagine that him losing his seat would be a mere drop in the bucket considering the orange cat we have in office.

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