I’m Out Of Touch

Hall and Oates, an 80s group that had a name that sounds like a cereal from the 1980s that sings to you when you are high, had a song that rather fits the way I feel – “Out Of Touch”. It’s very clear that I am in the attempt to gather what the hell is going on in the world. This however is more due to the fact that my own life is complicated as fuck.

I would explain, but the truth is – everyone’s is right now. Talking about it on here, at least for now, won’t do any damn bit of good. I also feel like when I talk about my problems that I lack the entertainment value in the manner in which I talk about them the way Richard Pryor talked about setting himself on fire while freebasing.

It takes a talent like Richard to make the saddest story not only funny, but seemingly universal. Most people who have done such things generally still react as if its still happening and therefore find it way more painful to talk about it; this is in fact how I feel about talking about my life. This is why I’m largely silent about my life.

Or at least when I speak on it, feel like I should be silent.

I have my moments. I dislike the need to censor myself because people don’t wanna hear it. This is life. Life cannot be swept under the rug.

And yes, my blog is back online.

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