To Blog, Or Not To Blog

Necole Bitchie is shutting down her entertainment blog after 7 years of reporting on the lives of celebrities. If you wanna read her final words, you can go here. I never felt 100 percent about reporting on the lives of other people which is why I never stayed at any of the blogging sites I… Read more »


In Search Of Sleep: An Early Morning Rant

I have problems sleeping. A very large “duh” echos in my mind and perhaps throughout the many minds of many people who up at 4am writing, working, wandering, wondering why the hell they can’t go to sleep. If the future of our world is always seen as a bleak one with climate change, water droughts… Read more »


NPR: You Don’t Need Kim Kardashian

Briefly I took a shot at getting into Falling Skies, a show with Steven Spielberg as executive producer featuring Noah Wyle as a professor battling aliens in a post-apocalyptic Earth. One of the more cynical, slimy characters on the show, John Pope, throws out a statement of disapproval towards NPR while watching people fix a… Read more »


A Shame On Me Is An Equal Shame On You

Believe it or not, the first time I ever heard anything about The Smiths (or Morrissey for that matter) was during the 90s when Mystery Science Theater 3000 was on. Because you can only listen to The Beatles so many times, I decided to give The Smiths a shot. In researching them I heard them… Read more »


No Tears For The Dead Of Chicago

In the many  years that I spent working in retail, I often heard stories about people losing loved ones to violence. There’s a weird combination of terror and excitement in the way these stories are told to the point where I wondered if the narrative of death on the daily in this city simply accelerates… Read more »


Loving The Beatles

As an African-American in 2015 with the discussion of cultural appropriation, it seems rather inappropriate for me to say that I love The Beatles. There’s a faction of our culture that seem to believe that The Fab Four largely made their success off the backs of black people and that The Beatles while being the… Read more »


Why Is Love Worth Fighting For?

When it comes to being single in America, there is a notion that it is somehow a temporary station that someone stops at on the way to finding a relationship. I feel as thou that station in life should have an option of permanency; no crowds of people, especially those who facilitate dating sites, trying… Read more »