If Donald Trump Wins, Will He Finally Shut Up?

July 27th, 2016


The subject of this entry is in itself a joke; Donald Trump will never shut up even if he wins the presidency. I personally wish he would because most of it is variations on the same thing: I know everything and you know nothing.

Not that politics, or life in general, isn’t full of people like this. Thou I have been told I’m intelligent, I actually hate that word. Not what it means, but the impression it gives: that I am never wrong, that I never make mistakes and that I always make good decisions. I believe in the current social climate, it’s better to make a lot of mistakes a few good decisions.

Let’s face it, being seen as perfect leads to way more problems than one would realize; you are no longer human. You are, and yes this can be an exaggeration, a god when considered perfect. I say, be two people:

1. Regular

2. Different

I understand that you can only be on or the other these days, but neither doesn’t do much on their own; being different can alienate people and being regular can make you seem dull and limited as an individual. Be both.

Be complex.

Maybe if Trump wins, he will surprise us and actually be both things: a regular guy who is intelligent.

(you can guess where the sarcasm is in this blog post)

The Meh Feeling

July 26th, 2016

I’m going to be completely honest with how I feel about the current headlines in the news.


I realize indifference can mean the different from getting a candidate you can’t stand with Donald Trump, to one you sorta tolerate but can’t stand with Hillary Clinton. It can mean your kids do bad in school, it can mean your relationship fails, or it can also mean that pretty much everything you thought was worthwhile was ultimately a lie.

The real is the life that sits in front of me; I have debts to clear up, weight to lose and burdens to bear. If I feel there’s something worth commenting on in the world, I will speak it. Generally however, I’ve grown up to understand that although there are things worth speaking on, most things don’t matter.

I suppose a better way to look at it, in a harsher light, is the way people react when you tell them someone died in your family; It comes across in one way as being very honest and open, but it also comes across as you trying to invite someone into a place that is foreign to them; mainly your heart and mind. I would say this is the same thing when a famous person is gone; we all want to invite ourselves into that person’s family as if our loss is theirs. I’m sorry, but you cannot do that even thou we are all guilty of this (myself included).

Since exchanging unpleasant words such as “the f**k does that gotta do with me” generally come across as abrasive and heartless, the best reaction to it and other such events in another person’s life is meh.

Nobody cares about your problems the way you do. Nobody can see the turmoil that you do. For others to assume they can is a half-truth; they can only see as much as they will allow themselves too.

Same goes for world events, or even events in your own city.

I’m sure I’ll find something to care about, but right now, It’s only myself that I care about.


Lord, Please Protect Jayna Brown From Auto-Tune

July 22nd, 2016


I’m not a fan of reality shows. I must admit however that I have been watching Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta lately. The thing I never grasped with this version, the original or even the Hollywood one is that everyone who claims to be a rapper or even a singer never actually is seen performing on the show or in real life. Aside from K. Michelle, most of what seems to be the purpose of people signing up for this show is so that they can get famous for fighting or being engaged in soap-opera like relationships.

Earlier this morning after another hot sleepless night, I walked into work and settled down at my desk when my mother called me up. “Did you watch the video?” she asked. I often show my mother videos that I find out YouTube, but none of them impress her.

“This girl can sing!” she said in a matter of fact voice. “That’s what I’m afraid of.” I said.

“Why are you so negative?” she retorted.

In my family, we have no problem with giving each other a reality check; a dose of pragmatism to go with your aspirations. Since Jayna Brown, who won over the judges recently of America’s Got Talent, is not part of our family, the pragmatism doesn’t apply.

After waking up just a few minutes ago before wanting to write another blog post, I watched the video again. I must admit after hearing her sing again that I do wish Jayna well in her desire to be a superstar singer. I only have one wish: that nobody modify her voice, or send it through the auto-tune blender.

I’m looking at you Kanye.

Leslie Jones Doesn’t Deserve Your Hate

July 20th, 2016


Image by Elle Magazine

As you probably are aware, there is a Ghostbusters remake. I don’t recall much about Ghostbusters 2 except for the fact that it didn’t merit anyone considering a Ghostbusters 3. A do-over of the franchise was needed, but not necessary. The script, the lack of chemistry between the leads and remake fatigue should be reasons to stay away from this re-do. The focus however seems to be more on the fact that the main characters are women in this re-do rather than men. I suspect cavemen have a right to feel protective that a franchise that literally contains everything cavemen can’t stand should stay the same.

F*** that.

Movie studios who own the rights to their properties can do whatever they want. If I disagree with what a movie studio does, I don’t have to watch. My decision not to go to the movie is more about content than gender. If there’s anything that trolls should focus on, it’s the terrible script of Katie Dippold and Paul Feig (who also directed the film). Writers not being the most visible creatures on the face of the earth are more than likely not the most attractive targets for such misdirected rage. Leslie Jones however, who plays one of the characters in the film, is the most visible target – and the best one.

Let’s be honest – Leslie Jones was targeted because she was a dark-skinned woman in a franchise where a black man or a woman was never really necessary to the plot. Originally, the black character of the franchise was supposed to be Eddie Murphy who in realizing he would overpower the movie with his talents decided to go elsewhere. Ernie Hudson, who took Eddie’s place, largely doesn’t come into the film until the very end and even then appears to be the least nerdy of the group (which granted, in an already nerdy film is a nice balance). Leslie Jones, in this version, seems to have more to do with plot than Ernie Hudson’s character did in the original.

Sadly, she will never have the honor of saying the best line from the original film:

When someone asks if you are a god, say yes!

As of now, Leslie Jones has left Twitter as a result of the harassment she has received. If screaming and yelling at her is the plan to stop a studio from doing a sequel, then it would appear that it back fired.

So, who ya gonna call now?


Who In The Hell Is Taylor Swift?

July 19th, 2016

Full Disclosure: I am thirty-seven years old and a child of the 1980s.

I started to wane from paying attention to pop culture towards the end of the 1990s and pretty much have forgotten most of the figures of the 2000s on up. I should take that back; there are a few that I can recall, but life makes such trivial matters unimportant. That being said, the last few years has led me to believe that Taylor Swift was a woman who is known for being a talented singer.

Every other article that centers around this individual always seems to be centered around something very high-schoolish with most recent being centered around Kanye West and Calvin Harris. If I turn off the noise, aka the news media, and simply pull up a Taylor Swift song to judge for myself her merit as a famous celebrity, I would suspect I wouldn’t care so much about any of that.

No dice – the music sucks.

These headlines, the soap opera narrative that she seems to cultivate, seem to be the more important thing here. This is a problem. This is a problem because I’d rather hear about people who can actually sing and aren’t living off of headlines.

Where are these people?

Anger Fatigue

July 14th, 2016

My father passed away on May 1, 2016.

I spent alot of that time frustrated with his illness, his sense of self worth deteriorating and his physical self falling apart. I couldn’t devote my energies to important political and social events that people were expending their time on and therefore would feel constantly at a loss on how to properly stay “connected”.

With his passing, I have learned one thing: I have to get on with my own life and stop worrying about being “connected” with anything. It’s never going to be a perfect union; what I believe and what I know don’t meld with the rest of the world. There’s alot of anger towards cops, racism and Donald Trump. I don’t have time for any of that.

My weight is out of control, my career isn’t where it needs to be and things need to change.  I can’t do that with my head up in the asshole of every person with an opinion about something that has no baring on the next day of my life.