Vengeance Is For The Weak


This past weekend was rough.

After acquiring  Samsung Galaxy S5 with my new AT&T account, I spent the better part of the weekend pondering over customization which is the supposed benefit of being an Android user over an IPhone user. After much research after the fact I have come to the conclusion that the companies putting out Android phones seem to be creating hidden restrictions. In the case of Samsung one has to tackle the security system known as Knox which screws with you in two different ways: it blocks your attempt at installing an OS that isn’t Samsung related and activates a non-warranty status on your phone when you put it in recovery mode.

It makes sense to take some outrage to the Internet and yet it doesn’t; what you complained about right then was not an original complaint. After a query or two from Google you discover every possible problem someone would have with your phone, be it Samsung, HTC or Apple, has already been discussed, noted and hopefully by the powers that be of said phone manufacturer, fixed. The resolve to correct the errors in technology doesn’t have a set time period; errors can take months, sometimes years to fix.

One thing is certain: technology is always changing, people generally do not.

Most important about this statement is that a person unlike a machine can actually choose their course of action without the need for external input. Understanding this can resolve a lot of conflicts that somehow end up in violence and death these days. Let’s take a relationship gone sour for instance.

You have been in love with your significant other for awhile; your significant other on the other hand is not in love with you the way you’d like them to be. A delicious, but dangerous thought starts to forum in your head: why don’t I get my attention from someone else? The way you would arrange it is that you could be with this other person and still keep your relationship.

You find someone who is willing to do anything for you in that David Foster-Peter Cetera kind of way. Time passes. You start bringing the physical into the relationship; the physical however creates a signature within your soul – another person has now entered your space beyond that of a mere listening ear and has now gained access to a place beyond the friend’s zone. Basically, you now are living the average late-2000′s R&B video where you are in love with two people but can’t commit to either one.

Then, for whatever reason, you choose one of the two; The other one, now filled with anger over the rejection, starts to let revenge mix in with the heartbreak. You think about it every waking day and consider the proper response. You have a social media account; the person you cared about who rejected who does as well. The revenge seeps in further.

You start using your social media accounts to air out your pain and air out, without context, a series of potential damaging snippets of the other person’s life. Friends, people who aren’t really your friends but are just nosy and trolls all relish in the drama and turmoil that’s unfolding on their feeds; some of them even, without knowing the other person, start leaving nasty comments on said person’s social media accounts.

You will break that person by letting the world feel as if you are a victim of a situation you were fully aware wasn’t guaranteed.

Vengeance in my opinion is a weak reaction to how other people treat you. Nobody, despite however right they are about you, deserves that much hold over how you proceed in life. When you seek revenge in every instance, it is an indication that you haven’t had enough time to think it through. In a world of instant gratification, acting out exactly the way you feel has become the norm.

I say this as someone who has had such thoughts. Whatever concepts or attitudes I have towards certain people, I cannot allow them to dominate me. I have to let it go. It’s not as cool to do so and we have an entire genre of films that cheers the opposite in this country. Unlike those characters on the silver screen, what kind of peace could you have if you are always ready to strike?

If a person, friend or lover, decides that they don’t want you – they don’t. Deal. Don’t run off to social media seeking a mass pity party – the Internet has never been a good place for that unless you manage to join some sort of clique.

If you really feel that bad, take some time off.

An Open Letter To Chrisette Michelle



I can’t claim to know why you signed up for R&B Divas: LA. Something however needs to be said about you putting your presence in the reality TV crap-verse: what is the endgame? I can see if this was a move to put your music career back into orbit, or to promote another project, but to see you in this format is depressing.

I don’t know what the deal is: this isn’t you.

If you are going to do a show, why not put it on your YouTube channel the way Letoya Luckett has done with her series? There’s more creative control, you put it out when you want and you don’t have to create phony relations with other people. You always had the eclectic vibe going on: use it.

Sitting around crying and fighting and crying again has nothing to do with music: that’s for Facebook. Get out of this show while you still can.

Sweet Sucka



(Image taken from

Did you ever think that you could be too nice?

The world could always use more nice guys as there seems to be more than enough mean people. Nice unfortunately is associated with a lack of awareness, that you will be anybody’s friend even to the point where you hurt yourself and that you are easily taken advantage of. Mean people on the other hand know what’s going on, have few if any friends and never let anyone get close to them so that they could be taken advantage of.

When someone says that something I do was a “sweet” gesture, I come off as being a grown man who still thinks like a young boy giving the teacher an apple at school. I wanna say to those people who like to use that word that there is a person in there, that I don’t consciously do this all the time and that being nice is just one layer of of my person. Nice guys however that switch to a more “real” personality end up getting more of the crap treatment.

So what do I choose?

I wish I could honestly say, but I don’t know that either is really a way to live. You gotta be a person first; not understandable, yet easy to get along with. Sending your children out of fear of being considered different through a cookie-cutter way of being doesn’t make you unique at all.

This is at least how I feel.

Two Weeks In



(If you see a wrinkle, my apologies)

It has been one week and fourteen days since I started my new job so it technically isn’t really two weeks. I’ve learned to trust myself more as opposed to feeling like a lost child and always needing instruction. In my position, I am the point man for an accounting office as a Level 1 IT Tech. There are other members of the team I am in who reside in another office, but I am largely by myself.

One thing, an obvious thing perhaps, is that every job is a trial and error. The good thing about this position is that you are actually learning new skills and, to be corny, learning a bit more about yourself. Sometimes you have to be careful that your learning experience doesn’t come at the determent of someone else’s ability to work or you might find yourself getting an F (and I don’t mean the grade).

This could sound rather perverse, but I actually dread the weekend. I like having something to do on my own as I do at my job. If I were to try and be like other weekenders, I would have to be in line with everyone else at the same time trying to enjoy the same damn weekend. When asked in some of my previous positions why I don’t mind working the weekend shift, I replied that any two or three days off you take can be a weekend in itself; when you are off, be off, it doesn’t matter when.

I realize the words “bath” and “salt” bring up mentions of zombies, but I have heavily invested in taking one every day. If you are like me and have worked an overnight shift you’ll find that sleep doesn’t come easy. Add some Epson salt to a nice warm bath and you’ll sleep better than a DJ at a new age station.

One big thing, which the job is helping at but needs to be pushed further, is losing more weight. I am 35 years old. I have been heavy since my teenage years. Personality and confidence work over appearance, but being nice looking just helps people approach you all the better.

Bed time calls.

Yep, I’m actually a grown up. I’m actually going to bed at a normal hour.

Think Like A Full-Timer


There’s something wrong with your life if you take pleasure in spending your days, with no money, simply lounging around the house. I should add to that statement that this is wrong when you get to about your mid-20’s; it begins to feel wrong in the 30’s. This is what a part-time life did to me in general.

Now that I have an actual full-time job, I have to think like a full-timer.

I’m not exactly certain if there is a way of thinking for part-time and full-time workers, but on my side of the fence there are a few differences:

1. I’m more relaxed when it comes to how I enjoy my evenings.

2. Food is the last thing on my mind.

3. My writing has become much more fluid.

4. I have better conversations with my family.

5. I work better at trying not to stutter when I talk.

I actually believe it or not for the very first time now have a desk of my very own. The standard issue set-up is to grab a Dilbert poster; I oddly enough opted for a Star Trek poster. This job also, because it is full-time, has allowed me to fully embrace some of the things I love without the powerfully depressing idea that I am wasting my time.

This is what a full-time life means: making use of the life you have.

The Beatles: Random Photos Of Friendship



It’s almost 1am. I can’t sleep. As a mean of trying to get my body to sleep I decide that indulging in a Google Image Search of Beatles photographs would do the trick. Poking around several pages of results you realize just how big this group actually was during their 1962-1970 run.

I decided I would pick out the many results the ones where they appeared more friendly towards each other than they did at the end.




The Beatles Have a smoke

As polished in their suit-tie-mop-top personas as they were in those early years, The Beatles always made a point to be normal. This shouldn’t be an interesting image and yet I’m conjuring up all kinds of dialogue that should have been put
into a Beatles script that would have been as good as A Hard Days Night.




I never grew up with them. I mean, I heard their music and I read the story of the band (and I even watched The Beatles Anthology) but I was never around for the feeling and mania when it was happening. These photos, probably more than the music, simply sell the awesome of that time and the notion that they were the star of the photos they took, not the other way around.

Superhero Movies Are No Longer “Event” Films


The very first Superman film with Christopher Reeve was a true film worth cheering about; great performances, newly developed flying effects and a story that allowed the humanity of the greatest superhero of all time to be brought to life. Fast forward to 2013 with Henry Carvill and his emo Superman in the new Man Of Steel reboot; the event is no longer an event. Films these days are made as if they were all parts of better films, trailers for sequels or trailers for other franchises made by the same or different companies.


After hearing that the originally titled Man Of Steel 2 movie was being converted into a VS. film featuring Batman, I knew that the “Event” was truly gone. Thou crossovers in comic books within the same company are nothing new, it’s a bit more tricky to do something like that on the sliver screen. Perhaps the reservation amongst the many that I have about two iconic DC Comic characters is that they are designed to be complete opposites. Sure, a couple of hours of Superman and Batman talking smack to each other would be fine in a Shane Black kind of way. With Christopher Nolan and Zack Synder in charge, Batman vs. Superman will continue the trend The Dark Knight Trilogy inspired by making superhero movies look like Michael Mann films but shot in near darkness without much emotion from the characters.

Superhero films are not meant completely to be reflections of the world we live in; on a basic level Superman represents the hope and resilience of humanity, while Batman represents its’ grey area. Depending on who writes the characters their medium of choice these representations can be switched or they can be add-ons. To grind Superman’s hopefulness to a pulp in place of the cynical aura of Batman causes the films to feel and look the same. Copy and pasting a character onto another would work better if they could come up with a more original character; copy and pasting Batman into Superman is not taking it in a new direction, nor will it make for a worthwhile effort for to see it on the sliver screen in the next two years.

Honestly…even if they were to make superhero films of the quality of the original 1978 Superman, where else could the genre truly go that would actually make it a worthwhile event? Hollywood has already pushed the envelope in making a colorful up-tempo superhero film and with turning a superhero film into a crime drama. You can’t really do Young “Insert Superhero here” as you pretty much know how the story ends and you risk getting fandoms upset when you screw with the actual history of the original comic book; the first part, knowing the story ends, was the reason I didn’t really care for Smallville (which to me was Degrassi meets Superman).

A light-blub just went off in my head:

What if instead of trying to make a serious superhero movie, we could actually make (thou this is a personal opinion of mine) a good superhero movie? Explosions, brooding and people hitting each other minus the zap-boom-bap does not a good movie make. Especially in the case of a character as dark and complex as Batman, the lean towards a more murky setting overwhelms any sort of plot a screenwriter can give; it’s like putting a Windows 7 theme over Windows 8 and calling it Windows 7.

Let’s try this:

Would you like to know that your young son or daughter grew up with a Superman who believed in eye for an eye over a legal means of justice?

Would you like to know that your young son or daughter grew up with a Batman who is supposed to be a charming yet darkly complex individual and now is written to appear as if would take his own life if it thrilled him? 

Yet another reason these films are no longer “event” cinema; we don’t care about the greatest audience that superheroes have: the men and women of the world who still carrying their innocence.