Two Days To ‘17

I’d like to think that with two days left in the year that a new year would excite me.

Truthfully, it frightens me for reasons that have little to do with the orange-hair four-legger who got elected President. I lost my father to colon cancer in May and spent a good portion of the earlier part of this year worrying and eating myself to the point where right when he passed, I gained too much weight. The battle to lose that weight and to make my life easier will be a tough one given that I am also faced with the prospect of having enough money to pay my bills and keep a place to live in the event that my mother dies. I have no brothers or sisters and very few people I could see as being a help to me without prejudice or judgment.

The world can worry about Donald Trump – right now I have to be concerned for myself.

Thursday Thoughts: 12/22/2016

Yes, this is a picture of a PC.

Nothing new. Except for the fact that this is now my PC.

I had an ambition somewhere in the back of my head to try and be a gamer. I purchased all the components necessary and had a nice computer capable of playing most games at a decent framerate. The problem is, I wasn’t keen on having a machine that sounded as if it was ready to explode.

Graphics cards now tend to have two fans and computer cases tend to have many fans these days. Since it takes alot of power to run the graphics cards and the fans equally, the entire thing sounds like a jet engine ready to take off. For short periods of time in a one-person environment would be tolerable. Because I live with other people, it is not.

The PC in the picture is the Acer Aspire ATC-780-UR61 which comes with the following specs:

  • 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6400 processor 2.7GHz (up to 3.3GHz)
  • 8GB DDR4 2133MHz UDIMM Memory
  • 1TB 7200RPM SATA3 Hard Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 530
  • Windows 10 Home

My  mother has a computer with similar specs although it’s from ASUS (ironically Amazon doesn’t have it anymore, which is why the Acer version of these specs was my go to choice). She’s happy with it after spending a lot of time doing her work on a rather oversized laptop. She’s happy with my choice due to the fact that I don’t have a machine which she equates with being “a penis car”.

I’m not certain about the connection. I’m not even certain that can actually be considered an insult since a computer isn’t exactly a vehicle.



Defining Evil

The man featured above is Thomas Mair, a man whose to infamy by killing Jo Cox, an MP with the UK’s Labour party. People shooting others for unknown or far-out reasons come a dime a dozen. What stands out however is the obsessive need to create easy-bake answers to nonsensical acts.

Buzzfeed, a place mostly gets know for Top 10 Lists, had a very interesting piece from Alan White on the way the murder is reported differently from various newspapers in the UK. The central point, which is almost literally a plot point in every detective story, is that the answer is never the real answer. Although some media reports try to state he was suffering from mental health issues, the truth is that he was not mentally ill.

One can observe the photos from Mair’s house in another Buzzfeed article written by Matthew Champion and discover that the man was a not only a white extremist, but had a clear agenda to murder Jo Cox. The mental illness definition would fit for the average joe because the average joe would by some unwritten default never think to do such thing. This is based on the fact that in society literally the person next to you is supposed to have the same as you.

Moments like this prove that not only the person next to you is not like you, but could live a life completely the opposite of yours. Do these photos paint the most accurate picture of his life? Perhaps not. No one at the beginning starts out with hate; starts out small and festers into something bigger. Given the outrageous nature of such murders, the desire to answer such a question usually gets seen as pornographic at best.

As the world embraces an uncertain future with Donald Trump being president, the search for the truth will become that much harder to find as everything increasingly gets mashed to an easy-bake pulp.

Why I Don’t Talk Much

I don’t want to talk anymore.

As I approach 40, I’d like to go against the notion that I am somehow a witty, creative genius. I’d much rather be a stone. This isn’t depression or any sort of mental slight that I experiencing. The truth is, there really isn’t anything out here worth discussing.

Yes, you can discuss politics and other controversial matters. These conversations, while important, now lead to end-of-freedom/life scenarios. The people who respond to this action by saying they are not afraid of another human being are the very people who spend their time hiding from people.

Frankly, hiding is the less costly option.

I’d rather walk through life as a doormat who secretly is making plans for the future than be a man about town who gives allegiance to a personality that isn’t his own, a circle of friends that aren’t friends or a lifestyle that only matters to people who like to spend hours in the mirror combing their own hair.

Why Its Better To Be An Idiot


With the election of Donald Trump and the of the alt right fascist administration he is putting together, I have come to the conclusion that being smart means absolutely nothing and that stupid more reign supreme. How else can we explain Trump’s induction into The White House? How else can we explain everyone who was against Trump suddenly asking us to give him a chance? How else can we explain a nation turning a blind eye to clear and concise evidence regarding him and his administration?

How? Because Americans, those in positions of power, right now are in love with idiots.

Want evidence? Let’s look at Batman vs. Superman.


Here’s a movie with two of the biggest and most iconic characters of all time setup, by all accounts, to give the greatest fight that only hardcore comic book fans wanted. The discussion, which has been going on since their comic book beginnings, tends to infuriate those who could care less about such things. This once infuriating discussion which turned into said film, has caused divisive arguments between film critics, regular moviegoers and comic book fans who love comic book movies. According to Box Office Mojo, the following numbers would state that very few actually cared about what anyone had to say about the film, for better or for worse:

873 Million Dollars

That amount given to a film such as this baffles me; Superman was never a moody, angsty hero. Batman is. If the politics are anything to go by with this film, Superman is seen to be a dangerous and powerful alien who wishes to emulate Batman.


And given this picture, that’s not totally hard to disagree with.


This is Superman

In 1978, Christopher Reeve’s first Superman movie proved that with the right amount of respect to the source material while making said source material fresh and new, moviegoers who never cared about Superman or his comic book adventures would come see it. This film, despite having rather untested (and perhaps now dated) special effects, is why comic book movies became serious go-to money makers for Hollywood and why respected thespian actors are now signing their lives away for these films. People however who are obsessed with making things look and feel like the album cover for a heavy metal band (and 2008’s The Dark Knight) decided this was, to use a phrase, candy-ass bull****.

Superman in his first big screen entry didn’t do much fighting, nor was there much action at all. The idiots in charge of the film and moviegoers who breath their logic, decided that was not enough for an audience that grew up on reality television and Call Of Duty. Superman, in 2016, now must be a violent psycho with daddy issues wearing spandex that looks like it was made out of basketballs. The idiots of America have destroyed Superman and now possibly, this country.

I’m starting to think that its better to be an idiot. Maybe its better to go with the pack, agree to disagree and live with a passive state of mind. Maybe I would gain more friends and influence if I had sounded like a super-demented happy-go-lucky children’s show host.

Maybe it’s just better to be an idiot.

Hey, Hey! Who Needs Dodd-Frank And The EPA?

You’ll recognize the picture above as one that I have used on this blog before. I can’t see the point of having multiple different pictures of a guy who seems to have the same two facial expressions. But enough about the face of our President-Elect….

I’d like to discuss some of the things he is purposing to do when he gets into office. My comments will be on particular changes Donald Trump will attempt to enact in his first 100 days in The White House (I grabbed these from NPR’s Fact Check recent article on the matter).

Let’s begin with the idea that for every new federal regulation voted in, two have to be removed. The Republican Party has often lamented that the government has too much control over how the economy thrives and would like to see that loosened up a bit. This same logic brought about that 2008 stock market/economic crash.

Sounds like to them, the government should exist as a non-active entity that lets everything and anything happen. What am I referring to? Oh, fucking up the environment.

Here’s a quote from the NPR Fact Check article:

So where to start for President-elect Trump, who at one campaign stop said 70 percent of regulations “can go”? One likely place: the environment. An EPA power plant rule aims to cut carbon emissions by nearly a third by 2030. Trump couldn’t simply veto the regulation, however, although Congress could vote to overturn it. But a Trump administration could certainly weaken enforcement of the standard.

The banking sector is another place for Trump to focus. During the campaign he said he wanted to “get rid of” the Dodd-Frank law that reshaped the banking industry after the 2008 recession. If repealing the entire law seems a heavy lift, one possibility would be to try to eliminate the so-called Volcker rule, which prohibits banks from making risky investments.

Never mind the oil spills or the polar ice caps melting, that’s just for people who listen to Neil Degrasse Tyson too much.  I highlighted the banking part of the quote mostly because even thou America suffered through the 2008 crash, the Republicans literally feel as if that was nothing.

Considering Trump’s entire existence is about obsessive opulence, his doing away with any banking regulations seems like an inevitability. I believe his fight to essentially kill the EPA will actually be the hardest one. Can’t put my finger on why.

I will continue to observe politics regarding our new president.

I’m only getting started.

What Barack Really Thought While With Trump

Human beings put on a face.

Yes, I donned a Captain Obvious hat while thinking this. This moment, this singular moment during the meeting with Donald Trump, speaks to how he and the country who knows who he really is really feel about his “win” for The White House. Barack Obama’s theme was hope, Donald Trump’s theme seems to be the white nationalists version of revenge.

Let’s however back up for a second.

In the time before Barack Obama landed in the White House there complaints that he was too under-qualified to be president. If you were to listen to factions of the black community, there were complaints that he would not be for the community once he came into office. Obama is now gone and Trump will be in the hottest hot seat he’s ever placed himself in.

Why? White voters who felt marginalized and forgotten in the era of Obama believe a simple statement that Chris Rock once said years ago:

The problem is…..Trump ultimately cares about himself. The voters who brought him in come next year will soon come to a rude awakening. Only then, only then, will they become aware that all of us are of the lower class in the eyes of Trump.

To Trump, everyone is his servant. Everyone.

Donald Trump: America’s Self-Made Nightmare

I can’t accept the reality. Eventually, as everyone will come the end of the year, Donald Trump will officially become the President Of The United States. These two sentences to encapsulate my feelings is this:

America can look like a dream or a nightmare with the right amount of votes. On Election Day, America chose a nightmare. A blonde-haired tinged nightmare that will last for four years.

Some people, likely those who voted for him, probably found his charm cute in the way Archie Bunker was in the 1970s. The difference then is that Norman Lear balanced by having two people younger than him who were the polar opposite. The Trump Government will become a corporation in the way Steve Jobs through the ideas of George Orwell showcased in his infamous 1984 ad for the new Apple Macintosh.

Those of you who support reality television, stupid reboots/sequels/prequels that clog up Hollywood these days, or anyone who loves loud and crass television (Empire, Devious Maids, Scandal), the America that didn’t vote for Trump can now thank you for this mess.

With that, I have said my peace.

I Voted, So There

I’m sure there are people today, this day before Election Day, who are going to ask whether or not you voted. I am hear to announce, to strangers and to friends, that I have. I will not say who I voted for.

Some of course will want to know so that they can trigger some kind of inner-outrage within themselves. I am hear to tell you that no matter who you vote for, your life will still be crap the next day. Take it from someone who has lived in a city that literally has a daily death toll.

The means to change your life, which can change others, begins with you. If I want to be treated better, I need to lose weight. If I want to get friends and a girlfriend, lose weight. This is not a country that accepts you and your life. This is a country that accepts you because you have one that fits the idea of what a life is.

Those of have that good life will tell you to get it on your own. This has nothing to do with the fact that they want you to work hard, but more because they have no intentions of helping you get there. People who live the good life fight tooth and nail to keep it and secretly are always in danger of losing it.

If they, be it a celebrity or a political, give it to you, they will lose.

Stupid, I know. It explains why powerful people tend to love social media; they can control the narrative and continuously show you the good life day in and day out. When you beg and plead and wish for their life, they can (maybe) speak to you directly and often some small (but ultimately useless) advice. This is why I don’t take voting too seriously.

Personally, this election has been way easier than past ones. Easier mostly due to the fact that one of the two candidates is so transparently horrible as in politics and in life that it would seem like a farce to cast a vote. Forget all this #Imwithher and #ImwithTrump.

How about #imwithme?

It’s time to get back to the business of caring about the self and less about emails or taps.

Belly Of Regret

Before the Internet became a place where pleasing the eye was king, it was a place where no one really knew the other person was. Aside from text, there was not an unwritten mandate to know who the person was behind the text. For better or for worse, you could write the great American essay and nobody would know you look like a slob.

Since video/picture sharing is king with the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, what a person thinks matters very little. I recognize that is not the most original thought ever since members of my family, who aren’t on the Internet in the amounts the younger generation is, share this opinion. I’ve come to this oft-repeated conclusion because I realize I use the Internet less and less these days.

For most of my life, I have been huge. So huge that I was about 400 pounds two times in my life; during the point where my father first got sick and in the last months of his life. I currently stand at about 391. Although that’s a step in the right direction, family pressure tells you that it isn’t enough.

I’d rather wait until I lose more weight before I post pictures of myself. Whenever I do, I look as if I’m a depressed human being with the shape of an egg for a face. Self-esteem is nice to have. A realistic idea of how others see you? Priceless.